Mugen S2000 Challenges the Nurburgring

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With a lap time of 8:08 and an uncrowded ‘Ring, this driver is within about 9 seconds of the NA S2000 world record.

We’ve seen our fair share of Nurburgring lap videos, and in some ways this one isn’t much different from many we’ve seen. No crashes, a few tense moments, that sort of thing. The difference here is the French driver, Xav_2000, is within spitting distance of the naturally-aspirated Honda S2000 world record. The driver, also a member here at S2KI, tells a few commenters that the current NA world record for the S2000 is 7:59.8, from Bridge to Gantry. If you want to check out that video, here’s our write up from last year.

Back to the video in question! The S2000 is a 2002 AP1 (first generation) with the F20C engine that puts out about 250 hp. Xav_2000 quotes the weight as 1240 kg, which is a little lighter than the S2K rolled off the factory floor. His Mugen parts list holds the explanation for that weight reduction. Carbon fiber bits include the front bumper, hood, and intake box. Mugen parts include the exhaust manifold, catback exhaust, and a flat bottom. Other mods include Tein MonoFlex coilovers, an AP Racing front brake kit, and a Spoon front bar. The only other significant modification is the set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

Honda S2000 racing on nurburgring

All that adds up to one impressive lap too. Though we’ve watched a bunch of these type of lap videos, Xav_2000’s will keep you on the edge of your seat. He gets loose a few times but is able to get the well-balanced Honda back under control easily. There are a few times he gets up close to 210 kph, which is 130 mph for those across the pond. Look at how rough the track is too. The Nurburgring is on our bucket list, but to hit 130, or more, on something that rough? We’ll have to take a warm-up lap.

Has anyone taken their S2000 to the Ring? Join us in the forums and let us know how it was!

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