Rain Soaked Mid-Ohio Battle: S2000 Versus STi

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They call rain the great equalizer, but AWD helps too.

One of the most appealing conditions for driving on track is in an absolute downpour. Rain racing is not only tough, but it separates the restrained and talented from the rest of the pack. In this video, we see Jackie Ding as he pilots his S2000 around a very wet Mid-Ohio course, with a Subaru STi to chase.

Throughout the whole video, one thing – rain – is a constant. It essentially never dries out. This forces both the S2000 and the STi to use the racing line. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires are on the Subaru, and Continential ExtremeContact Sports are on the Honda. One thing is for sure though, all-wheel drive in these conditions plays an enormous advantage. Off of almost every corner, the Subaru can slam power to the ground without worry. But the S2000 never loses sight of the Subaru (apart from the spray) because corner entry speed and cornering speed for the Honda are much, much higher.

It’s some good fun to watch the video as Ding does his best to manage throttle and steering just to keep the car in a straight line. But that’s part of the fun and appeal of rain racing. Not only do you have to be more patient, but extensive knowledge of the rain line can help close the gap to the car in front of you, and of course, help with lap times.

S2KI.com Jackie Ding Honda S2000 vs. Subaru STi Rain Battle Mid Ohio

After the battle with the STi was over, Ding is able to make a “clear” lap around Mid-Ohio, but still on a rain-soaked and very slippery track. Overall, he managed to get a 2:10.59. Aside from the time, it was an incredibly entertaining lap to watch as he does his best to tip-toe through the corners on the rain line!

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