AP1 and AP2 S2000 Frankenstein Project is Fascinating

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Why would anybody swap an AP2 S2000 drivetrain into an AP1? Well, it turns out there are some valid reasons.

The idea of taking the drivetrain out of one car and planting it in another is certainly nothing new. In fact, many might credit that seemingly simple task for creating the very first hot rod. But swapping the engine and transmission from an AP2 Honda S2000 into an AP1 might seem a little, well, counterproductive. After all, it’s the high-revving yet slightly less torquey early motor that most S2000 fans prefer. And yet, that’s exactly what YouTubers Speed Academy have decided to do.

In all fairness, there are reasons for this madness. They’ve got a built AP1 in need of a new heart, as well as a wrecked AP2 with a perfectly good drivetrain. So why not marry the two together and get back on the track in no time flat? It doesn’t hurt that the donor car had a mere 30k miles on the odometer. Apparently, the previous owner did the damage after some winter driving on bald tires. Not a good look.


This isn’t our energetic Canadian duo’s first stab at completing this kind of engine swap, either. But they vow to have learned a few lessons from their first go-round, which didn’t exactly go too well. So it doesn’t take long to rip/cut all the damaged stuff off the poor, wrecked S2000. Which is pretty sad, really, because this thing is amazingly clean underneath.

Honda S2000

Thankfully, the duo wisely choose to drop the subframe instead of cutting more stuff off the front end. Even if they do it in a somewhat scary and sketchy manner. But in the end, the S2000 doesn’t fall off the jack stands and nobody loses a limb. And now we look forward to watching the rest of this Frankenstein Honda mashup come together!

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