Forum Member’s Insane S2000 Drag Car Build Simply Must Be Seen

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Honda S2000 Drag Car

With enough power for seven S2000s, this isn’t your average track car.

S2000s are well regarded for their phenomenal handling and are particularly well-suited to road-course, time-attack action. You’d be forgiven for thinking that drag racing isn’t the S2000’s strong suit.

Outside of The Fast and the Furious, few have found themselves intimidated by lining up against an S2000. Despite the impressive (for its size) power output of the F20C engine, these aren’t the type of cars that demand respect at the drag strip.

Honda S2000 Drag Car

It makes little sense when you think about it, though: a drag race is merely racing in its most distilled form. Imagine exiting a corner and battling for position on the back stretch of your favorite road course. Like it or not, you’re in a drag race.

That lack of straight-line recognition didn’t deter forum member 23psi4age, who has taken his S2000 to dizzying heights with the help of two extra cylinders and forced induction.

Honda S2000 Drag Car

We’re not talking about any little snail, either: the 3.2 liter stroker 2JZ inline-six is fed by a Precision 94mm turbo. That’s one big hairdryer.

Competing in the Pro Mod class, this monster produces in the neighborhood of 1,700 horsepower (that’s over seven F20Cs), and covers the standing quarter mile in under 7.3 seconds. That makes it substantially faster than pretty much anything you’re likely to see at your local track’s test & tune.

Honda S2000 Drag Car

That said, this car’s days on the street are over. With a transformation this comprehensive, it’s certain that this fast Honda is intended for one thing, and one thing only: going tremendously fast in a straight line, hearkening back to the glory days of import drag racing in the early 2000s.

It’s clear that, no matter what purpose the owner chooses, the S2000 is well-suited to it. With enough work, you can make these cars do nearly anything short of hauling rocks, traversing trails, or taking enemy fire.

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