Tesla-Powered S2000 Knocks Out Silent 10-Second Quarter-Mile Passes

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Tesla and Chevrolet parts help this ‘Model S 2000’ produce 636 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque.

While the Honda S2000 is a fantastic sports car in stock form, it is also a popular subject of engine swaps. Many people insert a V8, often something from General Motors’ LS series, but the YouTuber BigKleib34 found an S2000 with one of the electric motor setups from a Tesla Model S, sharing the footage on his Facebook page.

As you might expect, an electric motor that makes a big luxury sedan quick makes the sleek, compact “Model S 2000” even quicker and the video above that was shared by Speed Society shows just how quick.

Tesla Motor Charging in an S2000

Tesla S2000

The basis for this car is a 2006 Honda S2000, but all of the factory drivetrain bits are gone courtesy of this unique project by the Quebec-based shop Institut du Véhicule Innovant. Providing the power for this small sports car is a Tesla Model S that has been modified by 057 Technology, delivering 636 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels, between which the electric motor is mounted.

Honda S2000 Tesla Build Apart

That Tesla engine is fed by a pair of Chevy Volt 18.4x Kilowatt-hour battery packs, featuring charging components from the Chevy Volt and Bolt. It has a set of skinny front wheels and tires, along with a set of fat Hoosier drag radials mounted on 18-inch wheels.

In the video above, we get to watch as the Tesla-powered S2000 project quickly moves from beginning to end. The car is basically stripped down to a chassis with all of the Honda drivetrain bits being removed while the Chevy batteries are mounted up front and the Tesla motor is mounted between the rear wheels.

Finally, a set of form-follows-function wheel flares are bolted up over the big rear tires.

Track Testing

After we watch the electric S2000 come together, the team heads to the drag strip for some real world testing. We get to watch the torque monster do a smoky burnout before staging against an actual Tesla. When the green lights drop, the Honda rips away from the starting line, pinning the driver and passenger to the seats as the 3,000-pound sports car rockets down the track.

Tesla S2000 Burnout

On this run, the Tesla-powered Honda got to the 60-foot mark in just 1.547 seconds, covering the first half of the quarter mile in 6.444 seconds with a speed of 106.4 miles per hour. On the big end, the S2000 stops the timers with a 10.243 at 126.3 miles per hour, making this car considerably quicker than your average S2000 and your average Tesla.

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