Near-perfect Laguna Blue AP2 S2000 is Ready to Be Loved

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2007 Honda S2000 Laguna Blue Side Top Up

AP2 S2000 has some minor paint issues from 12 years of use, but it is otherwise like-new inside and out.

If you have been looking for a clean, unaltered AP2 Honda S2000 in the gorgeous Laguna Blue exterior hue, your ship has come in. Forum member “rotate” posted his Laguna Blue AP2 for sale in the forum and while it has a few very minor paint issues, the car is in like-new shape in every other way.

The Introduction

When the OP posted his 2007 Honda S2000 for sale, he provided every bit of information that a prospective buyer could want. He began with an overview of the car’s history with him.

For sale is my beloved and pampered 2007 Honda S2000 in the incredibly hard to find Laguna Blue with 18,313 miles. I am the second owner of the car. I had been looking for years for this spec, and found my S2k the day it was listed at a Toyota dealership in Wilmington, NC, left a deposit immediately, flew there 2 days later, and drove it home. I bought the car on April 14, 2016 with 14,100 miles. The car was originally purchased by a gentlemen as his retirement present, and it was clearly extremely well kept. In his later 70s, he traded it for I believe a new Highlander.

As soon as I got the car I brought it out to the infamous Billman who did a full service, as well as a host of preventative maintenance (wheel bearing tightening to correct spec, roll bars duburred, etc). Billman had a look all over the car and declared it as new.

The car is as good as it gets for a 11 year old car that wasn’t hermetically sealed in a museum. I am an absolute car fanatic and the car was maintained to my insane standards, cleaned regularly, and driven reasonably. The car has never had any accidents of any kind, has all the original vin tags (pictured) and no paint work whatsoever. The car has never been driven in snow and was put away every winter (the original owner did so as well) on a trickle charger. I don’t use it until several rainfalls after the last salting of the season, well into April and it goes away after thanksgiving. If you put the car on a lift, the fact that it’s never seen salt speaks for itself. There are no check engine lights or mechanical issues of any kind. The top mechanism works perfectly. The car has its original top with zero holes or any signs of stress that could lead to a hole. Billman showed me the proper way to manipulate the top when it goes down to preserve it’s life and I was fastidious in following it. Also, I’m not much of a convertible person, and I would guess I put the top down roughly once per year and before and after the driving season to ensure proper function. The latches are tight and don’t rattle. I have the factory boot cover never used in original bag. Clutch and transmission are perfect. This was one of many manual vehicles I’ve had and yours truly is the only one who has driven it.

LAuna Blue AP2 S2000 Front

He only included a huge spread of pictures, only a few of which we have included here.

Simple Upgrades

While this 2007 AP2 S2000 is listed as being 100% stock and all-original, there are a few simple upgrades that are easy to undo for anyone who wants a truly stock car. This includes a set of Cooper tires and an aftermarket JVC radio that was installed to preserve full function of the steering wheel controls.

The only modification I did was an aftermarket radio for bluetooth and USB connectivity. Of note, I used a modifry controller to retain functions of the audio controls left of the wheel, as well as a direct Honda to JVC wiring harness adapter, meaning absolutely no wire cutting was made. Additionally, all the wires were snaked by hand, no drilling of any kind anywhere. For the bluetooth mic, I just ran it along the side and used double sided tape as I didn’t want to remove any panels to snake the mic (this should demonstrate my level of obsessiveness). In short, it’s 100% reversible and no drilling or cutting done. I have the stock radio that will be included with the sale.

The dealership put a fresh set of Cooper RS3-As on the car when I bought which only have 4,000 miles on them and a production date of the 31st week of 2015. In full transparency, I was planning to change them out but after driving home on them and researching the tires they’re actually quite good, so I’ve left them on.

2007 Honda S2000 Interior

Minor Problems

As mentioned above, this AP2 has some minor paint issues that come with 12 years of use.

Blemishes: The car has the typical scrape under the front lip from the previous owner, and a few tiny PDR able dents (I tried my best to capture in photo) as well as a few minor paint blemishes. Two of the wheels have very minor curbing. I left the paint alone because the car is so original. This is minor stuff only noticeable on close inspection, but I remind anyone that though this is probably among the most pampered S2000s out there, it did exist in the real world and it is a car so there is a possibility I myself have missed a scuff or two in going over the car, but it shows like a well kept 1 year old vehicle.

A Unique Plea

Finally, the OP ends his sale listing with more details on why he is selling the car, reiterating how much he loves his S2000 and ending the post by asking that whoever buys it treats it as well as he has.

In summation, at the hazard of excess hubris, this is a “go find another one” kind of car. I used it very sparingly and treated it like I do my other specialty vehicles. I adore S2000s and have always been a massive fan of the high revving ethos. It took me ages to find a Laguna Blue s2K that was totally unmolested and I imagine this to be one of the few remaining. The milage, condition, and originality speak for themselves. I don’t believe I’m asking the moon, I think this is market for my car as it sits. We’ll see. I’m selling because I very rarely get to drive it, and I have a Gen V Viper and Evora 400 and need to make room for a 2019 GT-R I just ordered thats coming in March. I’m almost sick over selling this car, and was about to simply buy a lift, but the truth is, once you get a lift, you’re never driving the damn thing and I almost never use it now. In a few years I’ll get a bigger garage, and I’ll be one of the idiots paying outlandishly for a perfect CR at that time. I have been extremely fortunate to own many special vehicles and have driven most of the exotics and what not, and this is my favorite car I’ve ever driven for any amount of money, perhaps tied with my Evora 400. My automotive passion and obsession is reflected in my car. I humbly ask that you, prospective buyer, treat this car as I did, as a cherished automotive masterpiece.

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