Track-ready Honda AP2 S2000 Feels the Need for Speed

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2006 Honda S2000 Track Car High Angle

Sweet, emission-complaint S2000 is ready to drive every day to work and then tear up the track on weekends.

If you have been hunting for a clean, track-ready Honda S2000 that you can drive every day in a state with annual emission testing, get your bank card ready. This Silverstone AP2 was listed for sale in the S2KI Marketplace by “rhy” and it is everything that we want to see in a great dual-purpose performance car. The car has been modified in just about every way, so it can rip around the track, but it is still street legal and emission-compliant.

Frankly, this AP2 is hard not to love.

The Introduction

When the OP listed his 2006 S2000 for sale, he offered a ton of information on the car, starting with a basic introduction.

This is a very well sorted 2006 Silverstone S2000 with ~50k miles, ideal for HPDE events and also street legal. It has a cat and will pass emissions. I’ve had the car for almost 5 years and purchased it from the original owner who took great care of it. It has never skipped a beat and is a blast to drive. There is no sound system. The original A/C is still there and works great. The car weighs ~2,700 lbs.

Maintenance is up to date. In 2018, the car had a thorough refresh: all fluids, air filter, JRZ coilovers were rebuilt, baffled oil pan, valve cover mod, valve adjustment, new tires and alignment. The car has had 1 track day since then and a couple thousand street miles.

The car is mechanically perfect and cosmetically very good, with some minor notes:

– One burn mark on the passenger side fender, from a tire rubbing during track events long ago. There is no rubbing with the current suspension setup.

– A couple rock chips in the front. Typical for a track day car, nothing crazy.

It has been garaged throughout its entire life.

Mod list is below. All parts (roof, seats, etc) are genuine.

He also included a ton of pictures, only a few of which we have included here. Check out the full post for more pictures.

Extensive Upgrades

The list of modifications made to this 2006 Honda S2000 is too long to post here, but here is a quick summary of what has been done.

2006 Honda S2000 Track CAr Engine

The engine has been fitted with an intake, header and a tune, lifting the output to 225 rear wheel horsepower. The heart of the suspension setup is a JRZ RS Pro double adjustable coilovers with remote reservoirs and Hyperco springs. The stopping is handled by a Carbontech setup and the Volk wheels are wrapped in Hankook RS4 tires.

On the outside, the owner added a CR lip, a Mugen hard top, an AP1 rear bumper and a long list of other features, while the inside sports Bride racing seats, a roll bar and everything else needed for HPDE events. The exterior upgrades are minor, but they go a long way in improving the aerodynamics and providing a menacing look from every angle.

206 Honda S2000 Track Car Wide Front Corner

This car is listed for $28,500, which is more than you will pay for an average AP2, but this S2000 is far from average. This is a track car that offers daily-drivability in states with harsh emission laws, so if you live near your favorite road course, this could be the car that you drive to work every day and to the track on the weekend.

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