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Topplayer's build thread

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Default Topplayer's build thread

Okay so after owning an S2000 since 2011 I decided to make a build thread. Currently I have 2 s2000s. The Track Slut is a 2000 AP1 with 42k on the clock, a track car with all the nice go fast parts. The other is Barbra Walter White, a Frankenstein s2000 I built in my garage from 2 lost and forgotten poor soul (call me the soul saver).

Some back story, I fell in love with the s2000 back in 2008 when I was in the civic game (2008 supercharged SI). I saw a BB with a PWJDM intake and said I will have that set up. Years later I built that exact setup than moved on to better and faster.

You can find videos of the track slut in its normal habitat, barbra at the dragon, and all my other motor sports glory at

and on instagram @topplayer2g

Here are some pictures of my current set ups. Ill post back stories of both cars later on.

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Current Mods (that I can remember LOL) as of 4/17/15

SOS Stage 2 14.5 lbs of boost 410 WHP
Puddymod Stage 2 diff Stock gearing
Mr Sidways Custom Dual Pass Rad
DIY Oil Cool kit I pieced together
All sorts of ducting to make it run cool for 25 minute sessions

Suspension and Breaks
Moton ClubSports V2 900lb front 800lb rear springs
Gendron front sway bar
Stop Tech BBK with carbotech xp10 front and rear
APR 3 inch front break duct kit
DIY rear break duct kit (keep hubs cool)
Hard Dog Double Diagonal

Recaro Pole Position seats with 6 point harness
Works Bell Q/R With a Sparco D-Shape Steering wheel
Extend Shift knob custom made by WC Lathe Werks

Spoon front and Fear fenders
CR Tonneau Cover
OEM Hardtop
Ap2 Front end CR Lip, Bumper Duct
Custom Splitter, Diffsuer, Side Skirt. Made by S~Factor Himself
JDM rear fog light
18x9.5 +28 Volk CE28

The story of the slut begins when she was still a little girl ahah

I got the car BONE STOCK in March 2011 it was a 2000 32kmiles on the clock. It came with no oem options other than the alarm. It was exactly what I was looking for at the time (raw rwd). It was super clean oem mean machine. I planned on keeping it stock (I had a 2011 stage 2 STi at the time as well) Even after auto x and track days in the STi, taking the S2000 on its first dragon in 2012 I decided the s2000 was a leaps and bounds a better drivers car even tho I paid less than half of what I did on the STi. Then the modding began in less than a year I went from basically stock (rims, tires, spring) to a full on track car (Harddog, Seats, Harness, brakes, Suspension, and bolt ons). All the track events led me to sell my STi to buy a pickup to tow the car to the track. I went to events all over the east-cost From Watkins Glen to VIR. As time went on I added a lot more go fast parts, major parts being Motons, and a SOS super charger pushing 410 to the wheels. Here comes the PICS

My first Bear Mt with metro S2Ki

Dream intake at the time (replace for the SOS Stage 2)

She replaced the STi, even with half the power it was twice the fun!

My first dragon in 2012, Showed me the true potential of the S2000

First track day with the S2000 love at first event. STi was hung out to dry after that. This was at Poconos Race Way

Started tracking more and more Upgraded to a APR wing, This was at Watkins Glen

Went down to VIR with a new front end,

A random auto x after I got my volks

I ened up swapping the intake for the SOS blower pushing 410 to the wheels now all the cars at PCA no longer held a chance

A shot of my trailer setup (has gone under many changes since this photo)

I had a custom rear defusor, side skirts, and front underbelly splitter made by S~Factor

posting some old pictures before I update to all my new winter additions!!!! 3/5/2016

Mid winter working on my new setup (new top, chassis mount wing, cut out trunk bowl, cut rear bumper, bigger splitter, ect)

For my mini me built LOL

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Barbra Walters White: A Soul Saved

So Barbra happened by chance, luck, and the powers that be. A good friend of mine was rear ended in his MY05 totaling his car. Long story short I ended up buying the car after he parted it out. I was left with a basically full interior, complete drive-able AP2. I bought it at first will full intentions to keep it as spare for my track car. Mid part out I decided that I wanted to do something more with it, Being a guy who loves to spend time in the garage I came up with all types of motor swap idea. The end plan was to swap it into an e30. Randomly a 2001 GPW S2000 shell came up for sale, Body was mint motor/trans/engine bay wiring were missing. No listed mileage since the engine bay wire was cut for what I assumed to be a wire tuck job gone wrong. I took the opportunity drove 18 hours round trip to Pittsburgh and bought the missing piece. Body was perfect; clean Carfax, all VIN numbers were on the body panels, I scored a gem. Then the build began. The goal was to have it completed for the dragon (which I did of course). I swapped over the full ap2 drive train engine, transition, diff, driveshaft, axles, ECU, and radiator. I swapped the seats, cluster, latches, pedals, and EVERYTHING that was in better condition was swapped over. After I finished with only minor headaches I had a 2001 S2000 with a full AP2 drive train with 82k miles. Fired up on the first key turn, drove clean on the first drive. No weird noises, no bull shit. It was amazing that first 4,000 miles ahah. I ended up going with a new suspension KWV3’s, Gendron front sway, and 17x9 255 all around. Had the nose repainted, added the metro starter pack (winded front fenders to fit my nonstagger swagger)

I don’t blame you if you skipped the words here’s the pics

The Donor

The day I picked up with Shell

The amount of cleaning that went into this project was insane. The car sat at a army base for almost 2 years supposedly

Pulling the motor

Dropping the motor in

Quick gif of it all

Sucks why this got sideways

After the drive train was swapped in I swapped the interior and made a custom plug and play AP1 to AP2 cluster conversion harness (never seen this done before)

S~Factor Trimming the rear fenders all the way to fit the big wide volks

Quality of the fender extension

How she sits as of 4/18/15

Swapped out my UK mod+stock cat for a milltek single and a berk HFC. Also installed a Rear bumper cap (the race car slicks are on the car if it looks stanced that's why lol) 2/29/16

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reserved for the story of my past whips
My first car I tuned 08 civic Si. before the final part out It had quad retro fit headlights, CT super charger, and a hytec exhaust system

In 2011 I sold the civic for a 11 STi

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saw the white one at the dragon. I really like the red wheels on it. GPW is the only color that can pull it off.
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^thanks, I feel the black pulls it off better. but I love both!
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Likewise - love them both !!

It's really impressive how quickly and well the GPW was put together. My SSM heart still lives on !!

Looking forward to improvements on the Slut and modifications on Barbara Walters.
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You the man John .......And it's about time you have a build thread, def worthy of one. Can't wait to see Barbra in person she looks sweet. Funny I had a 2005 si but not supercharged, got rid of her 2008 for the S wish I kept her. Def keep my eye on this, and those vids never get old
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Good meeting you at the dragon dude! Both cars look fantastic. Bring the black one next year!
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Topplayer, it was nice seeing your car at the dragon but wish we would have met. I still appreciate your help with the brake ducts. I'm not sure if they're solely responsible for the improved braking but I no longer have any of the issues I was facing in the mountains prior to installing them.
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