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2019 Veloster N and Toyota Corolla Hatch?

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2019 Veloster N and Toyota Corolla Hatch?

Old 11-29-2018, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by jetrep View Post
In the last few weeks I've been on the hunt for a new hatchback. Just sold my 2011 135i manual. In the last few weeks I've driven nearly every hatchback available except a Kia.

Civic EX. Plenty of power. More impressive car than i expected. infotainment a little week. Best console storage of the bunch. I thought the CVT was adequate. Mostly felt good except cheap cloth on the doors and armrests. Adding leather makes the car too expensive. Good ride but still good handling. Plenty of body roll but I think that contributed to the fun.

Golf GTI SE. Fun car. DSG works well. Infotainment is good. LSD is nice. I've wanted one of these for a little while but can't justify the price. 2018 or newer come with fantastic 6yr/72k mile warranty.

Golf SE. Good car. Auto trans works fine. Plenty of power. I could easily drive this everyday. 2018 or newer come with fantastic 6yr/72k mile warranty.

2019 Corolla HB XSE. Better than I expected. Never thought I'd ever be interested in a Toyota, let alone a Corolla but I was impressed. CVT is okay. This new CVT has a real first gear then switches to CVT. This transition was okay but sometimes the CVT portion demonstrated some somewhat odd behavior. I did a long test drive on this car but it was in traffic. The standard adaptive cruise with start/stop is awesome. Great mileage. Interior is impressive. I like this car. Infotainment is okay but lacks Android Auto.

Mazda3. Nice car but a bit dated. Infotainment not impressive. Upgraded Bose stereo didn't impress me. No turbo so power was a bit underwhelming. Pricing was aggressive.

Elantra GT Sport. Hyundai offered $50 to take it for a test drive so why not? 201hp with turbo so plenty of torque. DCT works well but is not perfect like any non manual transmission. Plenty fast. Seems like an LSD is needed for any power more than this. The tech package adds lots of neat stuff. Probably the best infotainment of the bunch. Great warranty.

Crosstrek (2017).

Complaints: Why must sunroofs be bundled with nearly every trim level? I don't like sunroofs and don't want to pay for one. Why must so many cars come with 18" wheels? I'd much prefer to have 16" or 17" for a smoother ride, cheaper tires, and more rim protection.

Notes: I was shocked by how good these lower priced cars have become. I could happily drive any of these cars. Are they as fun as an s2k? of course not but driving them was totally pleasant.

I ended up buying a slightly used 2018 Elantra GT sport DCT with tech package. Tech package adds a dumb panorama moonroof but great stuff like ventilated seats, nav (that so far is actually good), Infinity stereo system that sounds fantastic, adaptive cruise with start/stop that actually works great, lane keep assist, etc. Is this stuff needed? No. But i'm not a luddite and like trying new things. I haven't had the car long but so far I love it and don't miss my 135i.
I'd love a 135i, always liked them actually.
I have a Civic Coupe EX Touring, I never wanted sunroofs on any of my cars but to get Navi and Leather the roof comes with it, same thing with my Honda HR-V. The Civic Touring has really impressed me in terms of power and handling, I love driving it. I always need leather for the extra back support over cloth.

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Old 11-29-2018, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by JonBoy View Post


1. Type R
0-60: 4.9s (-0.3s)
1/4: 13.6s @ 107 mph (-0.3s / +5 mph)
Lateral G: 1.04g (+0.07g)
70-0: 144 ft (-10 ft)
Weight: 3168 lbs (+ 91 lbs)

2. Veloster N
0-60: 5.2s
1/4: 13.9s @ 102 mph
Lateral G: 0.97g
70-0: 154 ft
Weight: 3077 lbs
Performance is pretty close, as I expected. 10 feet shorter braking is pretty good for the Civic though and handling on the Civic is damn impressive for the size of it.
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Old 11-29-2018, 04:38 PM
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They said that when the road gets rough or you start pushing to the limit, the Type R really starts to show it's superiority with better control and unflappable manners. However, on good roads or 8/10ths driving, they're very close (as you'd expect). The Civic actually had a better ride, they said, despite the thinner sidewalls, which was a big surprise for me. The Veloster has 5 driving modes for its suspension as well, which they really appreciated (Civic only has 3).
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Old 11-30-2018, 06:17 AM
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The Veloster is considerably cheaper, but with the CTR you get what you pay for.

The taillights on the Veloster are definitely doing their best Lambo impression. They look out of place, and a bit aftermarket (apparently it's a popular aftermarket style)
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