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Member S2000 Classifieds and For Sale Items for sale by Members. PAID MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED to post classified ads with a paid membership.
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Default For Sale Forum Rules - READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST

You must be a paying member in good standing of S2Ki.com to post in the For Sale forums.

Commercial posts will be removed. If you want to sell commercially or advertise here, you're going to have to pay to become a site sponsor. This includes parting-out vehicles either as an individual or a business. You must be a sponsor to part out vehicles. No exceptions.

Vehicle part outs and the selling of OEM parts - If you are selling OEM body panels, or any part that originally came with a VIN identification sticker, be prepared to show the stickers intact if the potential buyer asks. Part out of vehicles must have all VIN stickers intact, this is to protect yourself and our members. If you purchase an item without an intact VIN sticker, report the seller to the mods and admins. This includes verification of proof of ownership.

1. Use the required Template found here https://www.s2ki.com/s2000/topic/107...lace-listings/

2. Links are not allowed, either external or within S2KI, listings with only a link will be removed. Post the full ad here, you may link to your local thread as well.

3. Be clear and to the point, This format is to help you sell your items and to help the buyers with their decision to purchase.Threads that do not include this information will be closed or removed.

4. There are to be NO third-party for sale threads. You may only sell your own property. Members continually selling multiple parts of the same type may be asked to become a sponsor.

5. You must provide proof of shipping (tracking number) within 7 days of completion of the sale or you may lose your posting privileges.

6. You must post a price, no "testing the waters", "make offers" or "gauging interest" and no PM for offer or auction style threads will be permitted. You have made the decision to sell so you must state an asking price. Threads without posted prices will be removed.

7. Negative comments about a person or their parts will be edited/deleted; this includes "helpful" pricing advice. If you have evidence that the seller is a con artist or a bad seller, PM a For Sale moderator and they will take the appropriate action.

8. Do not post offers publicly, your post will be edited/deleted. Send the seller a PM.

9. Do not spam your parts in other people's for sale threads. If you have something to sell, start your own thread.

10. Do not post multiple threads for the same item.

11. Your thread will only get locked or deleted for a reason. If you start another thread about the same thing you will be suspended. PM a For Sale moderator if you have any questions before posting here.

12. Our goal is to keep the ads clean and we would prefer no bumping of threads and no nonsense posting.

13. Seller is responsible for proper packaging of any goods that are being shipped, always use a courier service that offers insurance and insure the item(s) for the selling value. This protects both buyer and seller.

14. Do not delete threads for sold items, simply close the thread and remove the personal information, if desired. If a transaction does not go smoothly, a deleted thread will not help you as a seller or buyer.

Some tips to help to you from getting scammed

1. BUY & SELL LOCALLY if possible, you can see the product in person.

2. Contact the Community Organizer or post in the regional forum and see if the local people know the seller. If they know where he lives, even better.

3. If seller has very few posts, find reputable members who know him and his address.

4. Get seller's home phone number and verify it by calling. A phone number is better than nothing.

5. Do hw on the person, search his/her posts.

6. If you're selling and have many people interested, sell it to someone who is a member rather than a guest (a cc# is required and a trace is better than being left in the dark)

7. If skeptical, have the seller take a picture of the item with his/her username, date, and time. I know of a forum that requires this.
7a. If skeptical, don't buy. />

8. If you're selling, make sure the check, money order, or paypal is cleared into your account before shipping (DUH)

9. Use Common Sense, if the price is too good to be true .... cmon now.

10. Pay with a credit card if going through paypal. Paypal does not help as much as a credit card company will.

Be very careful when dealing with a guest, especially one that contacts you to buy from or trade. Do some research, check their post history and if they are active in their local community. The forum has very little info on guests, seller beware.


S2KI assumes no responsibility for any transaction conducted on these forums and makes no claim or assurance about the reliability or honesty of buyers and sellers. If you choose to buy or sell merchandise using the S2KI website you do so at your own risk. You agree to take all necessary precautions to ensure a satisfactory experience including:
  • Retain all packaging and documentation including shipping docs, receipts and printed copies of all messages transmitted or received.
  • Purchase sufficient insurance and delivery confirmation services
  • Obtain sufficient contact information to resolve any possible problem. We will not provide names, addresses or phone numbers. You need to get this information yourselves.

Using HONDA Trademarks

The use of HONDA owned trademarks on or in connection with your product or item is not permitted without a license to use those marks. This rule will be strictly enforced, all threads promoting a product or service bearing such marks will be removed.

A couple of words from cthree on protecting yourself...
There are steps you can take to avoid the possibility of being ripped off. I'm going to list from top to bottom the things I can think of to prevent being taken, whether you are a member or not.

- Buy from someone you know personally. You knwo where they live, you have shared friends, you can kidnap their family dog and hold it for ransom.

- When it's really important use escrow.com. They are a licenced escrow service that offers small and large ticket escrow services for surprisingly little online with little fuss. This is the most secure way to handle a transaction with someone you dont know (and maybe even many you do). If it's worth more than $2000 then you should consider this seriously.

- Pay by credit card. When a vendor charges your card the proof that they delivered the product or service is entirely on them. If you call your credit card company and tell them you didn't get what you were promised then they will require the merchant to prove to them that they did and if they can't they will literally take the money out of the merchants bank account (this is called a chargeback). Some cards offer a form of buyer protection beyond this. You'll need to check your agreement with them for details. If the seller doesn't take credit cards then...

- Pay by PayPal and only pay to verified accounts. Those are accounts that PayPal has verified the bank account and address for. You can file a dispute with PayPal id you get ripped off and they will make the vendors life miserable (this is what all of the PayPal complaining is about). If the seller doesn't take PayPal or is not a verified member then...

- Take your chances.

Those are the ONLY ways I know of to take steps to protect yourselves from being ripped off (as a buyer and as a seller). Membership doesn't offer much. I know what information I have and it doesn't amount to poop so asking me to help when you do get taken isn't going to get you far. I have a PayPal account ID, maybe a credit card number and maybe (if they didn't lie or skip it) a name and address. I have no way to know that any of this information is valid.


Send a cashiers check, money order, cash or any other instrument of cash that cannot be recalled, voided or reversed. If you are a seller, don't take any form of payment that can be recalled, voided or reversed by the seller. I exclude credit cards and PayPal here because you at least get to prove your case (shipping documents, etc.).

These things I have said before in many topics and they hold true today, tommorow and the next day. The responsibility for a smooth and fair transaction rests with those involved. Be sceptical and buy defensively. If you don't have confidence that the transaction is legit then walk away and let me know so I can remove the topic(s). Once the money or product has been sent there is little (read nothing) I can do to help.

s2ki is not a buy/sell service like eBay. It's not what we do or why we exist. The FS forum is for the convenience of members but any transactions you choose to undertake are entirely at your risk.
Thanks for your time and enjoy your stay here on the For Sale Forums.
~The Management

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Rules have been updated.
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Wheel & Tire Marketplace is up - https://www.s2ki.com/s2000/forum/289-wheels-and-tires/

All wheels/tires for sale must be posted in there.
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For those questioning the requirement of your location being needed in the Original Post (OP) when it is posted in your profile, the profile information is not visible on mobile devices. As many people view the marketplace from mobile devices we need the location (and all the other info) in the OP so that people know where the parts are located.

We aren't trying to be difficult, just trying to make the site as mobile friendly as possible.
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Rules are being updated and a new template for all listings is about to be introduced to streamline the marketplace.
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