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Gernby eTune Review

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Default Gernby eTune Review

In the name of transparency, I have to state that I got my tune for free through Gernby. In exchange, I would get dynos (which I paid for), write a review his tune, and his tuning process. I am trying to be as unbiased as possible in writing this review (some here will argue that is not possible since I got a free tune) but I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Process: The process was relatively straight forward. Gernby sends a few base maps with instructions on collecting and sending the data logs back to him. We exchanged datalogs and tunes a few times and he sends the final tuned map based on the datalogs collected on my car. Throughout the entire process, he was great with answering questions

Tune: This is what really matters. I heard of horror stories where people’s engines have been blown up by inept tuners. After reading Gernby’s posts and speaking to him on the phone, I trusted him with tuning my car. Needless to say, the results were positive:
-Lower VTEC engagement: my VTEC was at 4300 rpm for the dyno but it is set at 3900 rpm now for smooth engagement (notice how the dyno graph shows a “bump” on the dyno when engaging at 4300 rpm). In addition to the tremendous mid-range torque, the car feels much smoother to drive! Ever been mid-corner and have VTEC kick in?? Not a good experience. Now the car just feels so smooth when it transitions to VTEC--no more sudden kick, just a smooth transition and more torque and power. I had a friend who used to race his AP1 drive my car without telling him what mods I did to the car…he was amazed at how much torque my AP2 had. Honda should’ve shipped the car like this from the factory.

-More power and torque: not just peak power and torque but throughout the power band. Take a look at the dyno graph and you’ll notice that starting at 4300 rpm, there is more area under the power and torque curves all through the rev range. The big increase in power and torque comes in the mid-range and is carried through until redline.

Here is my dyno graph which clearly illustrates the difference in power from just the tune. Blue line (run 19) is NO TUNE whereas red line (run 22) is with the GERNBY TUNE. These results were on my car on the same date, same parts, and same session on the dyno. As I mentioned above, my VTEC is currently set at 3900 rpm to make the transition smooth. Unfortunately, I don’t have a graph of this transition point as I ran out of runs in my dyno session.

Power related mods at time of dyno: K&N FIPK, Skunk2 MegaPower Header, Skunk2 MegaPower Exhaust, Nvidia 70mm straight pipe

Name:  Comparison-%20Run%2019%20Stock%20vs%2022%20Gernby.png
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Throttle Map: The final tune includes a throttle map (how far the throttle plate opens relative to pedal position) that is tuned to be less sensitive at slower speeds. Gernby does this to make the car more drivable in places like parking lots, etc. I tried but couldn’t get used to this throttle map. Of course, this comes down to personal preference but I think my muscles have “learned” the stock throttle map and found it really confusing with the re-tuned throttle map. Luckily, it is very easy to put the stock throttle map back into the tune using Flash Pro Manager and Gernby will do it for you for those who don’t know how.

It’s a no brainer--get a tune by Gernby! I honestly had to think really hard about the things I didn’t like and both of the things I mentioned were really nit picky items. If you have a test pipe and mild mods, it’s one of the easiest things you can do to make additional power and increase the drivability of your car. It’s hard to argue with a dyno graph that shows such a stark difference in power and torque from just a tune alone.

Edited out part about not including instructions not to capture logs from the laptop (as others have corrected me in the thread).
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Nice review Randy

I'm back to F22/NA now, so will be interesting to see what I make with stock header and my Emanage street tune on next Dyno day. Gernby seems like a great option/value for you DBW guys! Last one on that dyno for me N/A was 223hp but only 146trq. Was on a slightly bigger displacement but low comp 9.6:1 however. So hard to compare for base F22.
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+1 I received a Gernby etune myself. Very happy with how my car feels vs stock. I actually like Gernby's throttle map tune but then again I really hated the stock throttle map.
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I've sent Gernby payment for the e-tune but I haven't done the logging just yet. Not sure how long ago you got things started but for what it's worth in the instructions sent to me (less than two weeks ago) he does tell you to use the Flashpro only for logging. I just thought I would add that so it seems he's updated his instructions. I'm very anxious to get this all done. Just need to find some time to go out and do my actual logging....mostly I need to find a good place to do repeated pulls without having to worry about the law.
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Nice review! Thanks!

However, it wasn't totally clear about the VTEC engagement. Did I set your engagement at 4300, or did I set it at 3900? It is rare for my tunes to have VTEC above 4K.
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Originally Posted by Gernby View Post
Nice review! Thanks!

However, it wasn't totally clear about the VTEC engagement. Did I set your engagement at 4300, or did I set it at 3900? It is rare for my tunes to have VTEC above 4K.
You set it for 4300rpm as shown in the dyno. He dropped it to 3900. I would think there is still power to be had at 3500-3600rpm based on Randys dyno. Thats a hell of a bump yet at 4300.
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I'm quite certain that he mentions about not using a laptop to log in the instructions.
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Gernby I actually totally forgot that I haven't finished doing all the data logs! I think we were 95% complete. Just dialing A/F

For what its worth, been driving the car with the Standard tune he sent me and I felt a huge difference over the Toda Tune I had originally. My vtec was set to 3600. Great review, and awesome tuner!
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I definitely had instructions from Gernby to not use the laptop when I tuned a few months ago. The only bummer about the process was having to do runs on new tunes several times for further fine tuning... but that is just becuase Gernby actually cares and gave me a great tune, and he wanted to get it right. Apparently my intake and header combo was creating some resonance issues that made some extra work for him.

A+ review for my tune. The car is WAY better to drive than it was before.
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Gernby's instructions state not to use the laptop for datalogging. i got his tune done last year.
Greg's tune is renowned for its low vtec engagement. generally ~3800rpm, unusual to see he set it at 4300rpm.
Gernby seems to be stretched too thin, so if you are patient, the results are rewarding
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