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Money2536's Berlina Black S2000 CR #62 Journal

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Money2536's Berlina Black S2000 CR #62 Journal

Old 05-02-2017, 09:34 AM
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Default Money2536's Berlina Black S2000 CR #62 Journal

Alright, so this journal took a turn. The day I had scheduled for the install of my supercharger at LHT turned into a swap in cars. LHT had a customer with an 11,000 miles 2008 Berlina Black CR. So in my normal quick moving fashion, I bought the CR, installed all the parts I bought for the Silverstone AP2, and sold the AP2 in a few days without listing it. The CR journal continues on Page 5.

My name is Matt Moreman, and I live in a retiree dominated town north of Orlando, FL called The Villages. I've been a part of this forum off and on over the past 15 years as evidenced by all of those stars under my name. After ClubSi, S2KI became my first love of internet car culture. Back then, being obsessed with cars and connecting with others that shared a common interest was very different for me than it is today. As a self-proclaimed introvert and generally shy dude, I spent most of my time reading and following what others did. I'll spare you the whole sob story, but about 2-1/2 years ago, in my mid 30s, I had what I now refer to as an OCD meltdown. Basically what happened is that I took on too much, closed out pretty much everyone other than my wife and kids around me, and it all came crashing down. After meeting with a psychiatrist, getting a diagnosis of being afflicted with obsessive compulsive disorder, and eventually ending up in a goofy psychologist's office, he pushed me to let others in. Looking back, I now know there is no better common ground for people like us than cars and garages. So I decided to come out of obscurity and started sharing my car and garage story. I gave up all those fears of others judging me and started my a C2S journal on 6speed: I shared everything I did in my garage. I did it in a format that I always wanted others to do when then modified or building something. I documented it in detail with photos and wrote up my thought processes.

This journal eventually led someone to suggest I make videos of my car washing/detailing processes. At that time I thought I knew some stuff, but I hadn't fully understood the level of where I was in comparison to other focused people. I grabbed my wife's 5D MKII and set it up on a tripod. In these videos, I'm on the verge of panic at all times. you can't hear me very well, but the response was something greater than I could have never predicted.

After dozens of videos, the acquisition of a 991 GT3 and F80 M3, I finally bought a mic and just kept journaling and making videos.

Eventually 1,000 people showed up to subscribe to the YouTube channel, so I made more videos. Then 10,000...and 15,000, and my life's purpose started to change. I began getting email after email of others sharing their story with me and how they identified with what I was doing. I wasn't making 10 minute videos on YouTube, I share the whole process. It got to the point where many didn't understand why I was doing this would question my motives or would tell me to make shorter videos. But I wasn't doing it for others, I was doing it for me. It was therapy to get this stuff out of my head. I don't like watching drone shots and techno music while someone is working on an intake install. I wanted to see the busted knuckles and improper fit, so I could make a determination. Sometimes that takes 5 minutes, but most of time it takes 45 to show that. So I just kept doing "me" and making the videos that I wanted to watch.

Then then channel grew to the point that I needed a website to direct the people that wanted to know what products I was using in the videos. That became: Home – Obsessed Garage From there, I started getting people reaching out to me in my Wealth Management business. I eventually left the big Wall Street firm where I worked to start my own business called Obsessed Wealth Management. After an issue with Amazon, I decided to build my own online retail store where I am providing solutions from the countless hours of research, trail, and error that I seem to be good at doing. This now exists and is growing faster than I could have ever imagined.

Fast forward to the present. Why am I telling you all of this at the beginning of my next S2000 journey? My life has changed more than I can explain. Before my episode of being crippled for a few months, I thought because I was more organized, educated, successful,...or whatever else I made up that I was better. I now know that I am not "better," just very "different." I'm hoping to use that difference for good rather than evil. Due to all of this sharing several other businesses to complement my wealth management practice have spawned. I'm now approaching 100,000 subscribers and am in a position to buy the cars that got away. The S2000 has that place in my car guy journey that sticks. I wanted to buy one and put all of the parts on it that I dreamed of in my early 20s. I eventually found a 2006 w/ 29,500 miles on it with an OEM hardtop for $25,500. I wrote the check 2 weeks ago and took delivery of the car last week.

After owning some really incredible cars of the last 6 years since I last owned an S2000, I've become a bit jaded by horsepower. This thing is a lot slower than I remembered. Luckily I have big plans to adjust that. Thanks for reading and taking my next S2000 Journey with me.

My Previous '02 AP1 and '07 AP2

First Wash Videos

First Photos

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look forward to following your journal! Keep it up brotha!
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Money2536 (05-02-2017)
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Welcome! I followed your first garage thread on Garage Journal. Enjoy your new car.
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Money2536 (05-03-2017)
Old 05-02-2017, 11:06 AM
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Wow wow wow very very beautiful <3

It's a downforce front lip ?
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Old 05-02-2017, 12:07 PM
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Envy. That gt3 and f80 m3, that garage...and whatever you have planned for that s. Cant wait to see your iteration of the s.
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Money2536 (05-03-2017)
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Awesome as always, Matt! I know we're GT3 brothers but I'll be following your journey on this as I also got an AP2 late last year - GP White with 31K miles. I've never modified any of my cars but your plans for the S2K has me very intrigued...

Really impressed with what you have created in a very short amount of time with OG and wish you all the luck!

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Money2536 (05-03-2017)
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Fantastic. Definitely subbed.
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Money2536 (05-03-2017)
Old 05-02-2017, 08:33 PM
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Matt got rid of the M3 couple of months ago and has a GT350 mustang. Nonetheless welcome back to this great community!
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Originally Posted by AlexS2kBerlina View Post
Wow wow wow very very beautiful <3

It's a downforce front lip ?
I'm not sure.
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Haha, wow, welcome back!! I bought your lip and coastal metals lip way back when you were getting out of the Honda world in 2010?. Congratulations on the successes and great cars, hard work pays off!

Beautiful gt3 and setup you've got there. I loved the attention to details in your videos. Excited to see what direction you go with the build. Maybe convince akropovic or someone exotic to build the ultimate s2000 exhaust?
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