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F24C Long Rod Engine Build 2.4L

Old 09-17-2016, 01:39 PM
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looking forward to seeing how this turns out. subscribed.
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The big thing about this to me is someone is still willing to put their time, sweat, blood, and intial money into something that could just be an option for alot of people if presented with evidence of the key factors. With that Thank You!

Their giving back to us; its not why just swap this, or that. If they can provide something that no one else can it just has to prove itself.
Idk... to me its the most exciting thing in both Interest categories att so. #nolimitz fa rizzle tho.
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id first like to say that i dont have a lot of experience in this.

but, what would happen if you were to utilize like a crush o-ring between the block and deck plate? similar to the method some do when sleeving their blocks. would this be a possible idea around the oil and coolant passages?
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I'm in for more insight about how the flat deck plate with mate with both the shortblock and head without head gasket(s) on a side or both sides
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I'd be worried about how much the plate heats/cools relative to the block/sleeves. There are a lot of "Long Rod" engines that are using plates that they pull after a few drag passes due to warping. I applaud your effort tho the Ballad company is doing a lot of cool shit lately!
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Well the plate still contours like said to the outside line of the open deck water jackets. The head n gasket would crush onto the sleeves and plate, so the bottom only needs to seal the oil n water passages, if I'm reading the process correctly.
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Originally Posted by BalladeSports View Post
Now back to the 2.4L stroker kits for F20/22 engine block. Over the years we’ve seen some 2.4L F series engines with massive compression problems and oil burning issues.

What do you mean by massive compression problems?
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I'm going to assume this would include a custom made chain, guides etc etc. As mentioned above, deck plates are cool and can make good power but aren't famous for being long life. Interesting to see your going to do different sleeves to make it work. I was thinking the real fun would be try to put a F20 head on a K24 block.
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Why not spec longer rods and shorter pistons?
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Originally Posted by Ricky_Flowers_ View Post
Why not spec longer rods and shorter pistons?

I I think the idea is to keep the moving components as OEM as possible. But I'm sure Ballade will comment on this.
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