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AP2 Valve adjustment

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Question AP2 Valve adjustment

Greetings guys, My 2007 GPW has about 37000 miles on her. At what point (if even necessary) should I have the valves adjusted?
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I had 24,000 when I got my first valve adjustment two years ago. I had just purchased the car. Technician said it was slightly off.
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Due right now, especially on a DBW car, to unearth tight exhaust valves.
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Your car is a dbw model (drive by wire. Instead of a throttle cable directly to the throttle body controlling the throttle plate, the pedal is attached to a sensor that tells the ecu how far you pressed it, then it uses algorithms to decide how much to move the throttle plate, how fast, etc, via a little motor in the throttle body. This is called progress).

As part of the ecu tuning for these models, Honda apparently adjusted the fuel mixture much leaner. One result of this is exhaust valves run much hotter than other years. Thus they wear much faster in your car than in older models (pre-'06).

That means you need to adjust the valves more often, and when you do, adjust the exhaust valves a little looser.

At your mileage, you're certainly still fine. But its probably something you'll want to do soon just for peace of mind. Mine were alarmingly too tight at 75k miles when I checked them.

The updated specs to use for dbw cars are published by billman (a member of this forum, and the premier S2000 tech on this planet).

Its not a difficult diy, however it has a few tricky parts. My advice:

If diy, throw out the directions on alignment marks and counting engine rotations. Instead just turn engine till that valves cam lobe points up, 180 degrees away from the cam follower, then adjust that valve. This eliminates the tricky parts that mess people up, and its faster to do.

If going to a shop, for this service, bring it to a motorcycle shop that works on sportbikes, not an auto mechanic. Auto mechanics almost never adjust valves. Zero experience. Bike mechanics do it all the time. Plus, the adjusters used in our cars are identical to those used in many Honda motorcycle engines since at least the mid 80's. They will take one look and know exactly what they are doing.
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I performed my first adjustment on my 2009 (stock) around 40K miles upon the sage advice of Billman. The exhaust were tight and out of specifications. Billman opined that if I had done nothing, valves would be have been torched around 65K miles.

As it turns out I performed a second one last year just past 60K miles. No real changes noted.

I would take Billman’s advice here and do it now to be sure.
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I would do it immediately. No reason not to do it.
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My '06 valves may have been adjusted before I got the car as they were fine when I checked them. A buddy's '02 were way out of spec.

$20 worth of tools, bent feeler gauges, and a gasket set is all ya need. And a couple hours of back breaking labor from leaning over the low engine (put on jackstands will help your back). Engine manually turns over easier without the spark plugs so we installed new ones in both cars while the old plugs were out.

Excellent photo essay in the library (here). Engine needs to be cold (under 100°F) making this an easy Saturday morning job. Use Billman's spec of 0.012" (0.001" looser) for the exhaust, the valves likely to burn if too tight.

Un-related but while you're under the hood swap the TCT for the Billman unit as preventive maintenance. Adds 5 minutes.

-- Chuck

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My 06 valves were just adjusted around 3-4 months ago. My ap2 was a 1 owner dealer maintained car which never had a valve adjustment on record. I bought it with 45k on it almost 3 years ago and I thought to myself... well mileage is still relatively low my valves should be good.

When the adjustment was finally complete, the mechanic emphasized how out of spec all my valves were and how I was lucky that I came when I did. Surprisingly it was a cheap service at the Honda dealership where I got it from. If I get another s2000, no questions asked I'll have a valve adjustment done as soon as it is bought.
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I have an 08 with 13,xxx Miles. I read in a thread here to do the first adjustment at 15K Miles so I’ve just been waiting till I hit that mark. Is this still true? I already have the tools and all the new gaskets to replace.
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You might just want to crack it open and take a look; you will be prepared for the next time you do it. You won’t need to replace the gaskets at this point unless you damage them. I did not at 40K miles but at 60 I did replace the cover gasket. I had the spark plug tube gaskets ready to go also but my inspection revealed they were in perfect shape. I left the old ones in place.
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Quick Reply: AP2 Valve adjustment

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