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First, do no harm.

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Default First, do no harm.

That seems like an appropriate title for this thread.

For those who missed my post in the "Next Weekend" thread, here is the gist of it for your convenience. Updates will follow.

Thursday night, I removed my hearing aids and discovered the little rubber cone was missing from one of the sound tubes, which means it was in my ear canal. Not a huge deal. The tech at the hearing center had mentioned that this happens from time to time.

Friday morning, went over to the hearing center in Biloxi. Fortunately the cone was not too far in. Unfortunately they tried to remove it but only managed to push it further in. They set me up with a nearby outpatient clinic.

Friday noon-ish. Fortunately it was a very slow day at the clinic and I got right in. Unfortunately, the nurse practitioner flushed and tweezed for a very painful hour but only managed to traumatize my ear canal resulting in swelling and some bleeding. They finally gave up and recommended I go to a hospital ER.

Friday afternoon, Memorial Gulfport...ER doc took one look and called an ENT. They sent me home with an Rx for antibiotic/steroid ear drops and for a codeine-based pain med, and a Monday appointment at the ENT's office. This should allow inflammation to subside so the ENT can get at and remove the offending foreign object. So rather than Jazz Fest, my weekend has been limited to sitting/laying around the house, buzzing on codeine. Swelling has gone down but still has a ways to go. Pain has also subsided.

The good news: Jazz Fest continues next weekend.

Irony: ENT said I could have just left the cone where it was for a year or more and it would pose zero risk to my ear. So if this ever happens again I will go straight to an ENT, even if it takes a while to get an appointment.

Conclusion: Life is what happens while we are making plans.
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Went to the ENT today. Had to reschedule from Monday morning.

I was impressed with the ENT. Finally felt I was with someone who could take care of my little problem.

He took a look and asked what I was doing Thursday. Turns out I am having surgery Thursday to remove the hearing aid cone that is in so far it will take surgery to get it out. Also, the NP at the walk-in clinic ruptured my ear drum with her overly aggressive probing.

Surgery should be pretty simple, with all the best scope tools and some good drugs and a light anesthesia (conscious sedation).

And the beat goes on. But I can only hear it in one ear.
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Good luck,Mike.
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Sorry. Could you speak up, please?
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Do they think your hearing will return?
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Good luck to you. They say the worst place to go when u are
sick and apparently when you have something stuck in your ear is the hospital.
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Yikes! I hope it's painless when you wake up and your hearing returns....
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Almost the exact thing happened to me last week. The cone came off in my ear. Fortunately my wife, with a great deal of skill and a pair of tweezers, was able to remove it. Unfortunately, the cone had managed to push some ear wax into the canal. I had to go to an ENT who actually had to stick a probe in my hearing canal and vacuum it out. It took a bit of time, as was almost as painful as a root canal, but it's done and my hearing came right back.

Good luck Mike. I hope you get your hearing back.

I like your quote, "Live is what happens while we are making plans." My mother used to say something similar, "Man plans and God laughs."
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Mike, I am sorry to hear of the ear damage and surgery. Are they going to have follow up surgery for the ruptured ear drum? Is it repairable? My wife had Tympanoplasty done twice for the reconstruction of the eardrum at UofM hospital due to a hole in her ear drum. Her hearing is just slightly impaired now. Good luck (can you hear me shouting!).
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Oh, gosh...that is the last thing I thought would happen to you, or anyone else. I hope you finally get some relief!
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Quick Reply: First, do no harm.

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