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trifocals and bifocals.

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Default trifocals and bifocals.

I finally gave up and went to the eye doctor and got an eye exam. I already knew this was necessary since I can;t follow a golf ball in the air anymore.
Ironically it was after I had the appt set up I had the scare with the big floater and flashing lights....

But the results were a new prescription for distance which I didn't have before and a bumped reading glasses.
SO I am now sporting a set of progressive trifocals.
HOLY F^&%$ I can't see shi^. The teething process is taking some adjustment.
If anybody looks at me in a meeting, I'll be like the little Mexican chihuahua on the dashboard, with the head bobbing up and down trying to figure out where the right focal point is.

Of course the other special event is when I have on my regular straight reading glasses in front of the computer and get up and walk away.
It's then right back to the chihuahua gig, except these don't change regardless of what you do, but now you have the pleasure of walking into things.

They also have a specific tunnel like field of view and the edges are way F'ed up and out of focus. Stairs have been fun. terrifying. Interesting.
I guess the upside is I can finally see the dashboard while driving. Mind you it's taken a while to relax and naturally see 150 feet down the road.

I can't believe I am alone in this adventure.

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Old 11-17-2018, 04:17 PM
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Progressives lenses for the win: I’ve had them for years.
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^^^Me too, love them....but I have friends that have got them and like Jerry didn't care for them. Give it a few weeks, I think you'll get used to them.
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Originally Posted by S1997 View Post
Progressives lenses for the win: I’ve had them for years.
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Originally Posted by NNY S2k View Post
^^^Me too, love them....but I have friends that have got them and like Jerry didn't care for them. Give it a few weeks, I think you'll get used to them.
Me three. It's been decades since I started buying progressives. I really need them for distances past a foot but got them as progressives so I can still see the dash. I still read without any glasses.

As far as getting used to them, I've had some that I hated and never got used to. I always require the distance focal point be a tad lower than they (Costco) normally put it. If it's a tad high I feel like I have to put my chin down to drive and since I really need them mostly for distance, I don't care if I loose a bit of the area for closer vision.
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Progressives for years here. I'm assuming they gave you frames that were appropriate for the lenses. The progressives require a frame with a bit of height. But that aside, I have two comments for you, Jerry.

1. The human brain is still a mystery and one of the things it can do is adjust to the images that the eye is sending to it. Doctors can't really explain it, but it is not unusual for the brain to adjust after a few days and what it couldn't deal with on day one is smooth and natural on day two, three, four or five.

2. If they ain't centered right it ain't gonna work. So if it is as bad as you say it is, go back and get an adjustment or new lenses.
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I wore bifocals for less than a week and they made me so sick I couldn’t stand it. I’m not sure what I would do if I couldn’t wear my contacts.
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I've had progressive lenses for years. Just got some new ones. Took a few days to adjust to them.

Jerry, follow your nose so to speak. You might have to move your head just a tad, (or your book, magazine, papers, screen) until you find the right spot for whatever it is you are wanting to view and yes, stairs can be rather scary at first.

As Bill said, if they don't work you could need an adjustment. I did bring one pair back one time.
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Ditto here. Took a few days to adjust but I love them. Have them in my cycling glasses too.
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Also have progressives, but only two ranges, not three. Makes me have to switch glasses a lot, but I prefer it. I have found the focal point to be maybe dime size while others larger than a quarter. I have tried Costco glasses and different Optometrists glasses, but Site for Sore Eyes seems to make the best lenses around. I can't recall the name of the company that makes their lens, but they are well known for precision works. SFSE is affiliated with Sterling Optical also, and I don't get a kickback for recommending them.
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