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Well I did it.

Old 04-30-2018, 10:14 AM
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That S-coupe had me enthralled from the day they announced it. Very Nice!
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Jerry must be making new friends on the Mercedes forums...
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Nah, the mercedes forums are dull.

"Gee look at the new sick wheels I got" Boooring.
Although I have been told of a mass MB owners club somewhere.

And I do have it Bill. The more I drive the more I love it.
First tank was about 18.5 mpg. which given how many times I did hard acceleration I won't complain with.
I behaved my self and drove reasonably normally going to work this morning and the computer said 20.3 mpg.
19.2 on the way home cruising between 75 and 80 ( and maybe a little higher)
Steering is precise if a little heavy but with 255zr40-20 on the front is a lot of tire to turn.
Since the trans uses a clutch instead of a fluid torque converter trail braking is good, you can adjust vehicle attitude like a manual.
Paddle shifts are quick and responsive. The only odd thing is it takes a discernible moment for the clutch to engage when you get into it from a stop.
You don't get a sense of the elegant lines until you see it in person.
Phenomenally quiet inside. Mercedes has very functional seats that you can drive a long way with and not be exhausted but you rarely here folks say how nice they are.
These seats however are truly wonderful. I'm not sure how many ways you can adjust it. but I do like the hot stone massage.
So far the nannies haven't been to annoying but I did shut off the lanekeeper straight out of the box. I'll steer my own damn car thank you.
Haven't played with distronic radar yet. SO far this high roller has been worth every penny.
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I thought you needed a chauffeur with that vehicle!!
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Does it take regular or hi-test?
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Even If I could afford that car, I'd be afraid we wouldnt use it enough ( retired and both of us total < 15k/yr)

If I found one of those in the driveway, I'd jump in it and point it to the West Coast
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93 octane Levi.
it sips it up through rolled up hundred dollar bills.
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Good luck with it. I know that you will enjoy driving it.

In my "past life" (when I was gainfully employed) I used to go to Germany about four times a year. Even though my employer dictated that we rent "mooch box" economy cars while on travel, because there was two of us with luggage and demo equipment I got to rent a Mercedes Benz from Avis, if one paid with an American Express Gold card. I had an S430 on more than one occasion. What an impressive car. It was electronically governed to 240 KPH (149 MPH) up hill, down hill with my foot to the floor. But, it had impressive performance, especially the BRAKES!
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well Matt how about 70-0 in 157 feet?
15.5 inch rotors in the front, smallest possible rim size is 19 inches.
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Awesome, good luck with it.
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