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zeroptzero 01-19-2019 06:28 PM

Anyone Daily Drive a Civic Type R in Winter
Looking to get a daily driver which would be used in winter, while my first thought was a WRX given their great AWD system, but I'd consider a Civic Type R if it could handle winter conditions (with the appropriate tires and rims). Anyone with the Civic Type R drive theirs in winter ? We get a moderate amount of snow in London, and I do a fair bit of highway driving. I like the 4 doors and Turbo motors on both, not looking for the best performer necessarily as both cars have enough power for me and my family. Thanks for any replies.

darcyw 01-19-2019 09:02 PM

Hi Joey. I love these threads. I'm in the same situation for April's next car. We need 4 doors, easy entry, plenty of leg room (2 teen boys), trunk space...and a manual transmission- a tall order so says my Subaru dealer. So, a used Forester (2015-2018) is in the cards. Timing chain, 30 mpg, fuel injection (rather than DI which they switched to in 2019). We took one out and I have to say, quite an impressive package with tonnes of room and features and lots of glass. The manual XT left a long time ago and I hate, hate, hate CVT's...so NA it is.

But, I really, really like the TypeR. just be prepared for double the entry fee vs. a Forester. Now, if I could have ONLY one family type car (and no s2000), the WRX would be on the short list- I think it does virtually everything decently- its the car you convince the wife is practical while you take the onramp to the 401 at 90. I guess the golf R is also a choice.

There is a guy here in Sarnia who dailies his TypeR wearing 18 inch winter rims and tires- so we know its possible. With the LSD and traction control, its a better choice than any of the SUV's out there which will sap all the life out of you.

Civic Si 4 door?


zeroptzero 01-20-2019 06:05 AM

Thanks Darcy lots of great info in your reply. Yeah my wife's god son has forester and it is very impressive any time he takes us out in it, very capable for sure. The WRX checks off most of the boxes for me and my family. Honda is just making it easier to get into one of their cars as Subaru doesn't seem to have nearly as many promotions as Honda at any given time. Lots of thinking to do on this one. The Civic Si is also a possibility. Thanks for the info on the winter driven CTR, 18 inch winter rims is still huge, wow, I was hoping I could go with smaller rims in winter but I need to research this further.

6013641 01-20-2019 07:11 AM

It's just a civic. Why wouldn't you be able to drive it in the winter..

zeroptzero 01-20-2019 07:15 AM

Originally Posted by 6013641 (Post 24556501)
It's just a civic. Why wouldn't you be able to drive it in the winter..

Just wondering about the extra 135 + hp going through the front wheels

zeroptzero 01-20-2019 07:23 AM

Also, is there a wing delete for the Civic Type R, I just can't get used to the rear wing, despite it being very functional I think it would look better without the wing cosmetically.

Chuck S 01-20-2019 08:07 AM

You'll be fine if you know what you're doing.

After decades of winters in the Snow Belt (downwind side) of the Great Lakes (Cleveland, Buffalo, Watertown NY) where it snows to depths requiring depth gauges on the roadsides, I can affirm the three (3) Subarus in our family, one each Legacy, Outback, and Forester, were never stuck in the snow with nothing more than good all-season tires -- and knowing when and how to drive in these conditions. Never any concern for my wife or daughter driving on these roads. Never a "snow day" during the 4 years my daughter drove 30 miles each way each day while teaching at SUNY Canton in North Country. Easy on the gas pedal. AWD doesn't stop any quicker, though. :)

-- Chuck

zeroptzero 01-20-2019 08:45 AM

^ thanks Chuck. While London is in the "snow belt" of Ontario it is nothing like the areas that you mentioned when it comes to monstrous snow storms like they get just across the lake.

My other daily is an awd Honda and I know it does nothing for stopping and they still slide around the same, but I do love h ow they can launch from a stop with ease and how they can plow through most snow drifts as well.

Chuck S 01-20-2019 10:15 AM

My first year CRX was FWD and she could plow thru snow drifts few other cars could. I can recall walking thru a few drifts before attempting to get thru them. I'm sure there were all-season tires on that car. The MGB stayed in the garage all winter. :)

Unrelated: She died when struck from behind while stopped by a just restored mid-1960's 427 Ford Galaxy at highway speeds. Drove her home with the wheel base significantly shortened (after prying the sheet metal away from the tires).

-- Chuck

jaymz 01-20-2019 10:56 AM

There is a guy who daily drives his Type-R up here at the Honda plant in alliston. I'm sure it's not much different than any other new FWD given proper tires.

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