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EVO wtf?

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Default EVO wtf?

I've just read the interview in this months evo with John Barker founding editor.
Q: "What was the most disappointing car you drove at evo?"
A: "The Honda S2000"
I wonder what exactly he was expecting?
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Old 02-08-2018, 03:42 AM
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More low down torque, better steering feel and a less twitchy chassis on normal roads are the normal criticisms.
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Originally Posted by Mortlach View Post
I've just read the interview in this months evo with John Barker founding editor.
Q: "What was the most disappointing car you drove at evo?"
A: "The Honda S2000"
I wonder what exactly he was expecting?
Quite a sweeping statement considering some of the piles of sh1t he's reviewed.
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It makes sense. He was hoping for something much better than Honda delivered, and so was disappointed. The problems with the chassis of the early cars are well documented and evidenced by the number of cars crashed.

You expect some car to be "piles of shit", but not a 2-seat roadster from Honda, which was very much at the top of its game in 1998.

He explains his views quite well in this review: Honda S2000 GT | Evo

The original S2000 had sharp steering but was blighted by an excessive lateral compliance in its rear suspension, an elasticity that made it feel imprecise when you were pushing on. This was lessened in subsequent chassis revisions, and in this latest evolution it’s almost entirely gone. Confidence up and VSA switched out, in the wet you can steer the S2000 accurately on the throttle if you wish. It telegraphs its intentions well, delivering a warning shot of understeer as you dive into a second-gear corner before shifting into snappy but catchable oversteer if you choose to keep your foot in.

You don’t have to push to the edge of the S2000’s grip to appreciate that it’s more poised and rewarding, though. It seems easier to keep the astonishingly rev-happy VTEC engine above 6000rpm, and even when you’re not wringing it out, there’s dynamic crispness and accuracy to maintain your interest. The only disappointment is that now that the rear suspension is more composed, the steering is in the spotlight, and while the electrically-assisted set-up is keen, accurate and has good weight, it’s lacking in feel. This is most obvious in the wet, where understeer is revealed more by the fact that you’re visually straying from the steered line rather than the tactile sensation of the front tyres slipping wide.

Overall, the latest chassis delivers more of a driver’s S2000 than any previous set-up. Nine years on, however, other aspects of the Honda seem less acceptable. The steering wheel doesn’t adjust for height or reach and the driving position is quite cramped; the S2000 feels a size too small even for those of average build, while the LCD instruments look almost quaint. And while its VTEC ‘four’ delivers in thrilling fashion at the top end, it sounds ordinary, almost coarse, when it’s pottering.

Still, the S2000 is more the car we hoped it would be when we first drove it: a uniquely focussed and thrilling traditional sports car with an extraordinarily exciting engine, one of the world’s most wonderful gearshifts and, now, a chassis that matches their keenness. It’s a shame that Honda has saved the best for last.
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Old 02-08-2018, 05:29 AM
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He must have been really, really upset for it to stick out in his career as more disappointing than a Mk4 Golf GTi ( or did he never drive one?)

tbh the only time I read Evo is when it's in the dentist waiting room, so I'm not sure I care what his opinion is.
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Like arseholes, we all have an opinion and his is, well it's his.

That criticism of the f20c is laughable tho.. it's epic in my opinion. I suppose I'm surprised he doesn't say the 'box is shite too....

null and void
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Didn't have Porsche on the badge?, didn't spend loads of money with the magazine on advertising?. Cynical, me.?
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That's why I don't read Evorsche ragazine.

TBF, after the wonderfully-forgiving NSX, much of the world was expecting a poor-man's version with the S2000 and they found that it was set up very differently.

Enjoyably terrifying as it was, I succumbed and transformed the car with some chassis braces and the later-spec tyres.

Which is in itself quite annoyingly typical-Honda; it didn't take much to improve the breakaway and steering feel. But they blew it, again.
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Equally, unless you are in the mood for fun and prepared to be engaged and 'on it' it's not that nice a car to drive around in. I've had mine a long time now and i'm no longer bothered by the quirks as i know the fun is there when i'm in the mood. I don't think you find the fun within 20 seconds of getting behind the wheel - it takes time to learn how to enjoy it.

In a world of instant gratification, this gem from the late 90s is not the party piece and unlike some of the AWD / electronannied drive train stuff he probably does feel fast in, if you drive this like that, you'll end up in a hedge looking like a dick.
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Yes, I think he wanted a cute baby NSX, but unfortunately got the runt which doesn't wake up til 6 and has bad manners.
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