S2KGT Challenge Classing for 2006

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OK, here it is… the FINAL rulles and classifications for the SpeedVentures 2006 S2KGT Challenge series. The system is still not perfect, but hopefully we’re getting closer.

The word Novice has been eliminated from the classes. The STOCK class will be limited to drivers of less experience.
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STOCK Class:

The STOCK class is open to S2000 drivers having attended fewer than 5
SV event-days AND fewer than 10 track days of any kind (including
formal racing schools), as of Jan. 1, 2006. Cars must be on street
tires, and up to 50 MOD points are alowed. We will recognize 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd place finishers. Note that MODIFIED (over 50 points),
PRODUCTION, and UNLIMITED cars compete together regardless of driver


Philosophy: A STOCK car is essentially a “street car” as the term is
broadly understood. Therefore, the allowed STOCK modifications fall
into three broad categrories:
1) Those that are common among street-driven cars, and are believed to
provide little or no performance advantage on track (e.g. dual exhaust,
chassis bracing, cosmetic body kits)
2) Those that are considered “minimal preparations” for a track event
(e.g. alignment, brake pads/fluid, certain engine cooling mods)
3) Safety equipment — anything short of a full roll cage is allowed here as long as it improves a driver’s safety on the track.
4) Up to 50 points are allowed from the MODIFIED category; e.g.
intake+header+Volks+rollbar = 10+5+25-15 = 25. (*R-Comp tires
immediately bump a car to modified.)

The following are considered “stock” modifications and are assessed no points:

Tires: up to 275 width rear tire, 120+ treadwear
Alignment – any setting
Any brake pad
Any modification to stock rotors (cross-drilling, cryotreating, etc.)
Any brake fluid
Brake ducting allowed
Any brakelines
Any air filter
Any dual cat-back exhaust
Any clutch
Any chassis brace (X-brace, STB, etc.)
Modified stock throttle body
Any thermostat
Any radiator cap
Any heat shielding (Hondata gasket, engine bay insulation, etc.)
Any front or rear bumper (non-aero)
Any “body kit” pieces (non-aero), except lightweight hoods, panels
Any change to front or rear swaybars (including removal) non-adjustable bars only
Rollbars, seats, or any other safety equipment allowed
Weight savings: seats can be removed or replaced, plastic necessary to
install rollbar or other safety equipment can be removed, spare tire,
jack/tools can be removed, battery replaced. Nothing else can be


COMP classes are open to all S2000 drivers regardless of experience
level. So, a driver eligible for STOCK may elect to run in the
COMPETITION class, but must make a final decision (STOCK or COMP) by
April 1, 2006. Regardless of how many track days a STOCK driver attends
in 2006, he or she will remain in the STOCK class for the year.
Conversely, regardless of how few days a STOCK entrant attends, once
declared as entered, he or she will be ineligible to compete as STOCK
in future seasons.


Philosophy: MODIFIED cars are those which are reasonably well-prepared
for track duty, but are fairly easily returned to STOCK condition for
comfortable street use. Therefore, MOD points are assigned based on two
1) (Most important) Potential performance advantage (lap-time reduction)
2) (Less important) Cost and/or difficulty to implement, including cost/difficulty to return to STOCK configuration

All STOCK mods are allowed.

Up to 100 points are allowed from below:

Turbocharger 100
Supercharger 100
Internal Mods to stock motor 100
Hoosiers or Kumho V710s 100
Transmission Mods/replacement 75
Coilovers (shocks & springs) 75
Spec Competition Tires* 50
Active Rear Wing 40
Any removal of interior panels, carpeting, windows etc. not necessary
for some valid reason (decreasing weight does not count as “a valid
reason”, a rollbar or fancy stereo system does) 30
Any NON-OEM wheels 25
Rear Wing/Spoiler (other than OEM) 25
Final Drive gear change 25
ECU/Ignition Control 25
Shocks (w/stock springs) 25
Springs (w/stock shocks only) 20
Any Changes to Stock Brakes 20
Front end aerodynamics (non-OEM) 20
AP2 20
Differential 20
Remove Catalytic Converter 15
AP2 trans in AP1 15
F22c motor in AP1 15
Non-wing rear end aero (diffuser) 15
V-TEC/Air Fuel Control (piggybacking) 15
Adjustable swaybar(s) 15
Hardtop 10 (25 if soft top and hardware are removed)
Single exhaust 10
Any Intake 10
Front A-arm change (camber kit) 10
Lightweight fenders or trunklid, (per panel) 10
Removal of Air Conditioning Unit 10
Rear tie rod change (bumpsteer kit) 5
Flywheel 5
Header 5
Any hood 5


* Spec Competition Tires are: Kumho Victoracer/Ecsta V700; Toyo RA-1;
Yokohama A032R, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, Pirelli PZero Corsa. Nitto
NT-01 or any other non-Hoosier/Kumho V710 tire with a treadwear rating
of under 120) Max rear width for all tires = 275


Philosophy: PRODUCTION cars are those which are significantly
well-prepared for track duty, but can still be driven to and from the
track. To compete in PRODUCTION class, a car need not be driven to the
track, but it must be streetable. Up to 225 MOD points will be allowed.
Cars that are race-stripped (full roll cage) or have
V710-Hoosier/coilover combination automatically bump up to UNLIMITED.


Philosophy: Anything goes! Fully-prepped race cars are allowed in this
category. An UNLIMITED Car must be based on a production S2000 chassis
and have a production-based S2000 engine block (up to 2.2 liters).

No changes are allowed to a car unless they are listed above. If a
component or other modification is listed, any type (or size) of that
component is allowed, unless otherwise noted.

If you have a question about any modification, please PM me.

As always, this classification system is subject to change because people always find sneaky little loopholes.


2007 S2000 Spec Series:

Next year we will be introducing the S2000 Spec series. This will be a
class of nearly identically equipped S2000s competing in their own
class. These cars will implement a specific suspension/tire/wing
combination. As extra incentive to get as many cars/drivers to
participate in the Spec series, Go-Fast lab will be offering special
pricing to those wishing to compete in this class at various times
throughout the year, and those cars currently in the MODIFIED class
will be allowed to upgrade their cars to Spec class requisites and
still remain in the MOD class for the remainder of 2006.


All Saturday, Sunday, and the Fridays at Laguna Seca and the Cal
Speedway Roval will be points events. The points assigned for Sunday
events will be doubled. All AMB recorded lap times (including Time
Attack times) will be included.


1 Driver in class: 6
2 Drivers in Class: 6, 3
3 Drivers in Class: 7, 4, 2
4 Drivers in Class: 8, 5, 3, 2
5 Drivers in class: 10, 6, 4, 3, 2
6+ Drivers: 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1

As each event completes, I’ll post the points results here and update
the overall standings as well. This thread will be closed to any other
posting. The other Challenge series thread will be kept open for
further discussion.

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