Could this be the new NSX?

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Yesterday marked the final day of the North American International Auto Show, and this has been a history making show for Honda. The first ever introduction of an Accord concept at an auto show, the intro of the beautiful and innovative FCX sedan concept (more on this breakthrough later this week…), and lots of other innovations in their other product lines, were all met with great enthusiasm by the automotive press as well as the viewing public. Perhaps the most exciting introduction of all was the new Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept. Since the HSC introduction in Tokyo several years ago, this has been the closest look to what the next generation NSX might very well look like.

The styling of this new concept is much more unique than the HSC which many felt looked like a Japanese Enzo. The car is powered by a front mounted V10 powerplant and features a new high-performance, rear-wheel-drive based version of Acura’s exclusive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive(TM) (SH-AWD(TM)), the styling is dramatic with a long graceful hood carved with deeply sculpted lines and embossed air vents. The concept sits very low and encompasses a 108.8 inch wheelbase, anchored by grippy 19 inch front and 20 inch rear performance tires mounted to custom billet-machined, polished aluminum wheels. Large eight-piston calipers and ventilated carbon ceramic brake discs provide exceptional stopping power. Bold wheel arches and flares add to the concept’s aggressive appearance.

“The Acura brand will always be a home for people who love to drive,” said Takeo Fukui, president & CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. “As we advance toward building a car like this, I can tell you it will feature advanced technology matching our passion for performance.”

The design of the Advanced Sports Car Concept is bold and cutting edge, yet it retains many subtle similarities to its predecessor, the NSX. The concept’s slim, LED headlights are pushed wide and designed to mimic the pop-up headlights found on the first generation NSX. Other styling hints include a modern take on wraparound rear taillights and the all black cockpit.

“Our intention was to design an exotic sports car that gracefully combines advanced technology and strong emotion,” said Jon Ikeda, principal designer, Acura Design Center. “The technical, machined surfaces and keen-edge design are balanced with sweeping curves and dramatic lines, all of which results in the ultimate exotic sports car.”

The low slung cabin is constructed entirely of tinted glass and sits flush against the body. Door handles are also flush mounted, allowing the sports car to retain a clean and aerodynamic appearance. The Advanced Sports Car Concept features a carbon fiber underbody and the rear is finished with aggressive quad exhaust pipes and integrated rear diffusers, further communicating its high performance potential.

Rumor has it that Honda will introduce the next-gen NSX at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon… Even they admit that the production version will be quite close to this concept. Get your checkbooks ready, this could be in your local showroom within a year!

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