S2K Challenge Series: The 7th race at the “Big Track”

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Article by Edward Lee (600rr_rocket)
The 7th S2K Challenge event was held on June 29, 2009 at the Willow Spring International Raceway “Big Track.” The 2.5mile course consists of 9 corners which combines speed with turns and elevation changes to offer a unique challenge. The top S2000 Challenge drivers were hitting 125mph+ on the front straight. The weather? HOT. 100F was the high for the day. Qualifying lap times for most were fastest in the morning when the temps were low/medium and would slowly rise session after session due to the heat.

Speedventures ran a dedicated S2K Challenge Time Attack Session at the end of the day. Cars were gridded based on qualifying times during the day, and sent off one by one: one warmup lap, two timed laps, and one cooldown lap. Final lap times were a bit higher than our prior WSIR event in February, primarily due to the weather, but given the external factors, the S2K drivers did a great job. At the end of the day, an awards ceremony was held. Podium finishers were given special plaques, thanks to Cobblestone Realty in Palmdale. Prizes from our awesome sponsors were also given out. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Street Class:

1st – Emilo Cervantes (949racing) – 1:36.672 – 20pts – Kics R40 Black Chrome 1.5 Lug Set (Mackin Industries)
2nd – Charles Ng (MiataCharles_HK) – 1:36.861 – 16 pts – Project Mu B-Force Front Brake Pads (Mackin Industries)
3rd – Nam Yoon (VitaRenovatio) – 1:38.418 – 12pts – Free Dent Pull (Mike’s Ultimate Dent Removal) + Coupon for 30% off any S2000 Part (APR Performance)
4th – Dustin Dessero (ddess) – 1:41.047 – 10pts
5th – Joel Perez – 1:41.451 – 8pts
6th – Jonathon Lee (subtledreamer) – 1:46.241 – 6pts
7th – Ben Rigaud (Ben22) – 1:50.145 – 4pts
8th – Chris Lee– 1:52.679 – 2pts

Modified Class:

1st – Si Tang (nsxtasi) – 1:33.972 – 20pts – 1 free hour of Dyno Time (Autowave Inc.)
2nd – Yuyen Huang (jaku) – 1:34.367 – 16 pts – ARC Cool Fin (Mackin Industries)
3rd – Ed Lee (600rr_rocket) – 1:37.319 – 12pts – Free Dent Pull (Mike’s Ultimate Dent Removal) + Coupon for 30% off any S2000 Part (APR Performance)
4th – Mark Tsai (colakitty) – 1:37.613 – 10pts
5th – Michael Tsay (dipstick) – 1:38.186 – 8pts

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