DIY – A fix for floor mats bunching up by S2KNFR

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All bunched up

It appears that some of us with larger footprints have a problem with the drivers side floor mat bunching up. My hoofs are a size 11 and I cringe every time I have to reach down and straighten the floor mat only to have it bunch up by the time I’m done driving 🙁  .  I will only assume that this happens with some of you guys that also have large feet. Not to worry,  here is a simple solution that will resolve the issue for good.

It looks even worse outside the car

S2KNFR, one of our members and an avid car nut got exasperated with his floor mat bunching up .  Try as he did he could not get it to stay straight. In his own words “I don’t like the way the drivers side floormat tends to bulge between the pegs. Looks like crap. I’ve warmed the mat and flattened it out, tightened the hold down pins…. the pins still migrate towards each other, and the mat bulges up“.

S2KNFR’s solution was to “get a piece of aluminum strap, perhaps an inch wide and 1.5 ft. long and drill two holes with proper spacing for the mat pins to keep the mat pulled tight“. As you can see in the pictures below, it resolved the situation to his satisfaction.

Measure twice, cut once :)

The floor pins are secured

And voila, the floor mat seems to stay in place and looks so much better. Almost the way it looks in a new car.

Is that new or what!

Like new

Please Note: The car worked on is a 2007 AP2, and this DIY may not be applicable to earlier model AP1’s. However there has been talk about using velcro fasteners to install such a strap to avoid the curling that is said to occur in early AP1’s that only have a single floor mat pin.

Images and story idea courtesy of S2KNFR. AP1 idea suggested by Zzziippyyy.

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