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Why do guys love car chicks? I’d say because they are hard to find. It automatically makes them more attractive to guys like us. It’s almost as if they are a freak of nature. I can’t name any mainstream female racing leagues off the top of my head. I mean we have basketball, volleyball, etc.

Where are the ladies racing? There is just something fascinating about watching a woman row through the gears of a car. She doesn’t have to be smoking hot either. Being a car chick automatically bumps you up a couple of notches on the desirability scale. They don’t even have to drive a stick. Just being knowledgeable goes a long way.  I find myself saying: “Wait, you know what an S2000 is?!?” Wow! “Your dream car is a what?” It never gets old when we encounter these gems.  They chose to be engaged and involved in the driving experience.

It’s almost as if it goes against their gender identity even though it’s ever changing. They shatter stereotypes in a positive way. Female car insurance is traditionally lower than males for a reason. There might be a small minority of male car enthusiasts that finds it emasculating. My advice is to move on. You’ll eventually keep on living.

There simply aren’t enough of these women, for now. Your significant other will still look to you to accomplish things that require total brute strength! Wouldn’t it be nice if most women just loved us car guys for being just that? I doubt its high up on their list. When I visit my parents my Father and I are forbidden to talk about cars at the dinner table. We squeeze it in anyway.  Why do you love car chicks?


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