The limited driving sense of safety

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Have you ever got stuck on the street with a car right up your… rear bumper? Don’t get me wrong, no crash has been involved to make me shout out loud the following words. But I’m trying to restrain myself before I start the criticism to a significant number of drivers, especially ricers who want to prove that they can keep up the challenge when you cruise around. Imagine the situation, waking up in the morning to go to work or just to go out for a ride with your beloved S2000. Suddenly, as you drive along, you see in your rear view mirror a car approaching with a significant speed towards you. He steps on the brakes and comes so close to your rear bumper that you can even see the last squashed mosquito or the flying burrito in his windscreen.

Do I get the feeling that I’m pushed here? Well… yes I do! I’m just cruising, why do you push me around? I bet he wants to get me tempted, down-shift and leave him behind smoked; Hold on, I’m in the proper lane therefore why he does not overtake me from the side? Just leave me alone dude, if I hit the brakes for any reason you will penetrate the rear end of my S2000 just because you don’t have your brain in the head. Does he have any sense of safety when driving his car?

Have you noticed this sort of driving behavior in the streets towards you? I’m not talking about cars that have at least a significant horsepower to keep up a challenge. We are talking about cars that perhaps are worth less than a set of wheels you’ve got on your S2000. The funny part is when you step on it and the car behind just stays there, in the back. I think they just want to see you accelerate, just to share his “experience of the day”. I can imagine his words with his friends: “Hey dudes, I saw an S2000 the other day, and it rocks man, big time!”

From my part the only advice is to ignore them, but sometimes until they decide to move on, you may catch yourself in a serious situation or accident. It doesn’t take long for something to happen right in front of you, since your attention is caught for few seconds to the rear view mirror. Perhaps a car in front of you will step on the brakes, and so you shall, to avoid the collision and in the end… BANG, you get stuck with his front bumper to your rear end, smashed and pissed off.

Any of you out there who had similar experience? In any case, you better be careful!

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