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For years I’ve noticed a weight obsession on s2ki. Anything remotely heavy that pretends to be sporty has been torn to shreds in Car Talk.Personally the lightest car I’ve ever driven was a 2500lb Supercharged Cooper S. It felt absolutely amazing in terms of tossability and nimbleness.

Over the last few decades cars have gotten noticeably bigger and heavier. Each new generation has ushered in more weight. But recently, I notice a change: Cars are to losing weight. Audi’s new A8 lost 50lbs. BMW’s X3 will lose 60lbs. Hyundai’s new Sonata lost 93lbs and its Tucson shed 63lbs. Porsche’s new Cayenne lost 400lb. VW’s Touareg also shed hundreds of pounds. Honda’s CEO reportedly sent the next-gen Civic back to the drawing board to ensure it stays the same size as today’s Civic. Hopefully that similar size equates to similar weight as well.

Not all of the weight losses mentioned might seem drastic to you. Keep in mind that most of these cars gained size/room and power. The S2000’s weight of roughly 2800lb has always been somewhat of a good determinant for me. I’ve never encountered many RWD cars with similar weight/power specs but the closer the better. Let’s hope this weight obsession continues.


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