Honda S2000: One of the Best Exhaust Notes

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When asked to describe the exhaust note on the S2000, some if not most of us would display a perplexed look or sarcastically say, “what exhaust note?”. Many of our members feel that the S2000 sounds better and truer to its nature if equipped with an after-market exhaust system from say ASM or Invidia or Mugen or any other tuning shop for that matter.

It may come as a surprise to several of us, that a publication, no less than Car and Driver has adjudged the S2000 as having one of the best exhaust notes. In my opinion, the S2000 engine is a screamer with a very unique and aggressive tone.

However that engine tone is somewhat muffled by the exhaust that is understandably engineered to comply with noise and emission requirements. Adding an intake and an after-market exhaust would really do a lot more justice to the awesome F series engine. It is par for the course for several of us.

But our opinions aside, Car and Driver has still adjudged it as worthy of their Top Five, even calling the S2000 “the coke-snorting four cylinder”. What do you think about it? Credit must go to Honda though for making it to a list that contains two custom-tuned cars, the Ferrari F430 and the Mercedes C63 AMG. Click through to see the full list from Car and Driver and judge for yourself.

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