JonasM blogs his cross-country trip

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There is a certain magic to a cross country trip. All the more fun when experienced in a roadster. With time on your hands, the sky above, black asphalt below and at the controls of a car begging to prolong the drive. The scenery unfolding and changing before ones eye and the hum of the VTEC motor combine together to thrill and bring peace to the soul. I’m sure there are several of us that have been on such a memorable trip. We have amongst us someone that is on such a journey and is blogging about it on the forum.



JonasM of the Vintage S2000 Owners forum and the Ohio S2000 club is on a coast-to-coast journey as we speak. He has started a thread with pictures on the Vintage S2000 Owners forum detailing his trip with pictures and witty quips. His day began early with a full day at work before he hit the road in a downpour. The weather appears to have cleared up by the time he got past Columbus and he appears to have kept up a good pace driving through Indiana and Illinois onto Missouri. At the time of posting he appears to have reached Colorado and made his way further West.



Join in with Vintage in wishing JonasM happy trails and a safe journey. Click here to access his thread and to keep following his updates as he drives west, to his destination. Safe trails JonasM and to all those that possess the roadster wanderlust.



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