Respected or challenged?

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We are pretty sure that the thought of how your S2000 and you are perceived by the general car-driving public, constantly plays on your mind. In your perception, does traffic make way for you or does it tend to obstruct you or tailgate you?


This is the topic of a thread on our S2000 Talk forum. Some members believe that the S2000 with its aggressive design and miscellaneous mods (exhaust, intake etc.) is the object of respect in traffic.

People let the car by and in general are very respectful. Some may yield and then follow along watching the car as it goes past them with an appreciative smile.

Then there are the others who look upon the car as some sort of competition and do their best racing moves to block you from passing them. You could also be the subject of intense tail-gating even though you are driving the speed limit in the slow lane with no traffic in the passing lanes. Mention must also be made about those that drive performance cars or those that think that racing decals on their cars add performance. You will no doubt have encountered such specimens as well and also those that are probably jealous and pass a snide or offensive remark about your car.

In our opinion all of the above is par for the course and comes with driving a good looking performance car. What do you think? Do you feel the S2000 attracts positive attention from the general driving public or is it the object of scorn on the roads?

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