A Word of Caution and a Request to Send Wishes for Recovery

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Anger is a volatile and negative emotion. It tends to cloud your judgment and have you do that which you would never attempt when in a rational mood. Anger does not mix very well with a task like driving either, and it becomes potentially deadly when alcohol is involved in the mix as well.  ap1willie, a member of the Florida S2000 owners community, recently was involved in a wreck that involved  anger and impaired judgment.

Per johny_tron, a fellow forum member, “One of my best friends,ap1willie, totaled his S2000 Friday night. He was celebrating his 24th birthday Friday night and got into an argument with someone. He left the party pretty angry and was doing over 100mph. He fell asleep at the wheel, went off the road and hit a small dip which caused him to get completely airborne. The car flew over a 2 lane road and went through the roof of a garage, landed on the roof of the car parked inside, and pushed it into the back wall of the garage. The family inside the house said he got out of the car, took 2 steps and then fell over and passed out. The ambulance took him to South Seminole Hospital and was then transported via helicopter to ORMC. He severed the tendon in his left index finger, broke almost all of his ribs, punctured a lung, and fractured several vertebrae and disks in his spine. Today he is having surgery to repair the tendon in his finger. He will later need surgery to repair the damage done to his spine. He has feeling in his legs and feet and it looks like he should still be able to walk again. He is going to have a long, hard road ahead of him with physical therapy and rehab. I thank God that he wasn’t killed. I visited him in the hospital yesterday. He is talking and acts the same. There doesn’t seem to be any brain damage. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. If anyone wants to visit him in the hospital let me know and I’ll provide you with the information. I’ll be visiting him regularly for a while so I’ll give him a message from you guys if you aren’t able to see him at ORMC. Let’s all continue to pray for him and hope that God provides a safe and healthy recovery.”

Please send your best wishes to ap1willie for a speedy recovery. Had he known how his 24th birthday celebration would end, we are sure he would have avoided drinking or driving.

Keep in mind always that arguments with friends, your spouse, a girlfriend or anyone for that matter are just minor blips in the course of life and will fade to insignificance as time goes by. They must never interfere with the concentration and focus your S2000 demands. And, while some may think the S2000 goes very well with a couple of shots, we want them to know that they may not be as lucky as ap1willie and just become another statistic in a national database somewhere.

– Your Editorial Team (HondaGal, energetic, JulieU, Onehots2k, GavinssAP1, A2)

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