Video Of The Week: An S2000 is Laid To Rest

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So, some of you were upset about having wasted two minutes of your life after watching last week’s video of the week. Is that really such a big [email protected]#king deal considering the rest of your time is wasted on S2KI anyways (haha, we jest!!). Just as last week’s “pointless” video, the video you are about to see may appear to be pointless too, pointless in that you will see an S2000 being taken apart, crushed, and then given a ceremonial burial by the fine students of the Butte College Motorsports Program.

Per the description of the video, this S2000 was one of the cars Honda gave to magazines to test drive. Having completed its tour of duty, it was donated to the Butte College Honda PACT Technician Training program to use for racing purposes with their newly formed Motorsports Dynamics class. Wow! How does one get into that program? Having been converted into a race-ready machine, the car then went on to achieve honors in the SCCA championships in 2008 and 2009, even finishing first in its class at The 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Shortly after the race, the car had to be crushed (we are not sure why), and its components were removed for educational purposes. The car may be gone, but its impact lives on. Rest in peace, little friend; you shall not be forgotten for you achieved in your short life what most S2000s can only dream of. I’m sure you will all agree that  this car was given a proper send-off as opposed to languishing in a scrap yard or being wrapped around a tree.

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Tip of the hat to the Butte College Motorsports Club

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