Know Any Celebrity S2000 Owners?

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The word “celebrity” typically conjures up images of bling, substance abuse and scandal. Being car nuts, we are likely to think of exotic cars being driven hard around roads with more curves than a photoshopped Kim Kardashian or perhaps we are reminded of the holier-than-thou celebs that belong to the Prius cult spawned by Toyota.

The celebrity sports car driver is not a myth. Some movie stars who have attained driving credibility include James Dean, James Garner, Robert Redford, Paul Newman and more recently Patrick Dempsey and Tom Cruise. Often times the brand names one would associate with such types would consist exclusively of cars that are beyond the reach of the common man, other than Paul Newman who raced Nissans and Patrick Dempsey who runs a race team consisting of Mazdas.

Having said that, we think you will be pleasantly surprised to know that Uehara-san’s creation also figures on the list of cars celebrities own, or maybe it is no surprise; after all, we know that any car person worth their heel-toe skill would gladly forsake their soul to the devil, having driven the S2000. Why should celebrities be any different?

They seem to come from several different walks of life and professions, these celebrities. There is Bob Dylan, the poet, singer and song-writer; Chris Pine who played Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movie; Danica Patrick, the Go Daddy gal, IRL and NASCAR driver. On the other side of the pond, we also have touring car driver and TV host Vicki Butler-Henderson who is believed to have owned several S2000s per sources. Formula One World Champion Jenson Button is also known to have owned both a Honda S2000 and an S600 during the time he drove for Honda in F1.

Perhaps it is the same alluring combination of a slick-shifting gear box, mounted to a responsive chassis and an untiring high-revving engine that endears the S2000s to these celebrities just as it has endeared itself to us. Wouldn’t you say so?

Find it hard to see a celebrity? We suggest you take a good look at yourself in the rearview mirror the next time you are driving your S2000. You will see someone that feels like a million bucks and is on top of the world.


Tip of the hat to Energetic and AquilaEagle. Based on a thread from S2000 Talk. Edited by JulieU.

Sources: S2000 Talk and Fifth Gear via TummyFX

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