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Camera technology has come a long way and has led to a point where we can generate content for ourselves and for our friends. The GoPro range of cameras has become increasingly popular owing to its compact size, mounting accessories and high build quality. It is the go to choice for several of us that seek to capture footage of our cars on street or on track. Funat9000rpm has started a thread discussing the GoPro on S2000 Talk. The thread features a lot of information pertaining to mounting the camera and other cheat sheets. Do head over to review the thread and feel free to post information you think will help others as also learn from it. Funat9000rpm has promised us a more elaborate article on the GoPro and we look forward to it with bated breath. Click through for more of whats going on…

Not too long ago the S2000 Registry, an initiative started by our member ralper, reached the milestone of 1000 entries. You will be happy to note that since then, entries have been coming in at a frequent clip and the registry hit the interim milestone of 1500 entries on August 11, 2011. We are looking forward to seeing the registry grow and hope ralper will share further analysis with us when we touch that magic 2000 entry milestone. If you haven’t registered as yet, please click here and support this endeavor by sharing your information in the registry. Be sure to also share this with other S2000 owners that you know. Before we forget, also feel free to participate in the Original Owner Thread if you purchased your car brand new.


Tell Honda is a forum where we share our feedback with Honda about the S2000. It is the location where one can express their gratitude or air their grievances in the spirit of festivus about the S2000. Rumor has it that Honda follows this forum and that it has played a part in influencing changes in the S2000 over the years it was under production. Our member Houstonbussa started a thread with the title “Bring back the S2K Honda” and expressed his desire in purchasing a brand new S2000 if it still were available. While we share the sentiment expressed in the thread, we can’t ignore the fact that sales had dropped to an abysmal low and that compared to the competition our favorite roadster had grown long in the tooth. Time was ripe for a change and perhaps that change would have come had not the global economic forces conspired and sent Honda down another path. Our hope remains that someday Honda will design a modern, updated roadster that will punch above its weight, just the way its decade old design is doing. Feel free to visit Tell Honda and share your sentiments in the thread.


The CR was the S2000’s swansong on this side of the pond. It was evident that Honda wanted the S2000 to go out with a bang and they did so by tweaking and fine tuning what was already close to perfection and kicked things up a notch by saving weight wherever they could and also offering an AC and Radio delete trim for the more hardcore among us.The CR comes equipped with its own war paint – the unique lip spoiler, tonneau cover and rear wing and unabashedly wears its track cred on its sleeve. S2000 CR owners now have their very own forum on S2KI and it is our hope that this forum brings together all CR owners as they have the privilege of belonging to an exclusive club. Head over to the S2000 CR Club Racer Edition forum if you own or plan to own or just want to learn about the CR.


Images courtesy of funat9000rpm & adrs2k (AR Photography)

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