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We have all heard tales of the Nurburgring, have seen cars being tested or setting lap records. Sir Jackie Stewart labeled it “The Green Hell” for the toll it took on several lives. Over the years, modern safety standards and changes to the layout have improved safety, but the Nurburgring continues to be a cruel mistress. Several crashes are known to occur and The Ring continues to claim lives. All that said, The Ring remains a mecca of sorts for the enthusiast driver. Several of our members have visited there and come away besotted by the allure of The Ring and shared with us their exploits. Our member mattxx and his friends went a step further and compiled a mini-documentary narrating their journey that began from the Donnington Park Circuit all the way to the Nurburgring. The video does not end with simply showing us a single fast lap, but immerses us into the complete experience that is the Nurburgring. To our knowledge there is no video out there that provides as vicarious an experience as this one, and for that we convey our wholehearted thanks to mattxx and his friends. We are certain that Sir Jackie would approve.

Click through to watch The Driver’s Mecca and be sure to leave a word of encouragement for mattxx and friends.

The Driver’s Mecca from Matthew L on Vimeo.

The S2000 Gallery – The Driver’s Mecca

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