Christmas Down Under

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Who knew that S2000’s could talk (or type) with a distinctly Aussie accent? In the first-ever recorded case of human-machine linguistic communication (because siri really is a person responding from a call center overseas), we hear from one S2000 that has found a home in Perth, Australia, telling us how Christmas is celebrated down under in the company of mates that include humans and machines. So tell Sheila or John to watch the shrimp on the barbie, while you click through to read the article. Tip of the hat to slackzy for the writeup.

Christmas is a time we spend with our loved ones and it is no different in Perth, Australia. We haven’t got the white Christmas of all of you up north, so we get to keep our summer shoes on all year round. This year, we started to meet regularly for runs up the Perth hills and to catch up with other S2k brothers and sisters.

Interestingly, most of us came here from all over Australia, including one that came all the way from the UK. I came over from Melbourne about 5 years back and I know of a GPW and a MCB that came over from Brisbane and Adelaide respectively in the past couple of years. Wherever we come from, wherever we are now, Christmas is also a time for us to cruise. We kicked started the Christmas drive in Perth and our fellow S2ks in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney will follow suit in the run up to Christmas week.

Most of us share a monogamous relationship with our owners, but a few of us engage in ménage-a-trios with his missus. I belong in the latter group; thankfully, the missus understands my owner’s love for me and is willing to share him with me. The three of us just came back together from the Perth S2k Christmas cruise.

The first part of the drive was not very exciting and the boys amused themselves by doing what boys do. We got excited when we were greeted by our favourite signs. We had to avoid roos just like we dodge obstacles ala Mario Kart. Nothing beats the sight of a pack S2000s tearing through twisties with green trees by the side, dried leaves on the road and a clear blue sky overhead. Together with the sweeping bends and undulating straights, we were home!

The more fortunate of us (or less fortunate to some) get the undivided attention of our lovers, nothing short of the very best parts get put on us. Some of us are garage queens, have a room in the house all to ourselves and taken out every now and then, while others do what we do best, bond with our lovers as we bring them countless hours of excitement, fun and joy on the road. But one thing for sure, we have brought our lovers together and we grin when we spot a fellow species on the streets of Perth.

This holiday season, we will all be spending time with our loved ones as we drive through the summer with the top rolled down, wishing ever after would be like this.


Article text (except foreword) and images courtesy of slackzy

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