S2000 Runs Imola time Attack: Before and After Turbo K20 Swap

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Turbo K20 swap makes huge gains over supercharged F20C setup.

Our international flavor continues. Earlier this week we covered a Greek tuner and his S2000 time attack build. Now, we see what the Italians can do with Japanese engineering.

What a difference a year makes. In just one racing season, the Italian G2B Time Attack Honda S2000 has chopped off seven full seconds from its lap time at the famous Imola Circuit. That’s no fooling around and its owner, Gian Giacomo Barbaro, spent the winter planning and building on mad S2000.

When he ran it last year at Imola during Italian Time Attack, he got only one hot lap in (video below). We don’t know what motivates him beyond what motivates all Time Attack builders—going faster, always—but the supercharged F20C version just wasn’t enough for him.

Enter something totally different: a turbocharged K20 swap. Barbaro rebuilt the K20 over the long winter and then added a big Garrett turbocharger to it. We’re not sure which one, but one Instagram post said he was aiming for 600 horsepower. When you watch the video at the top of this post, you can be pretty sure he’s not far from that target.

Barbaro built a custom intercooler mounting with ducted cold air forced through it. He also commissioned help with the turbo K’s manifold, which looks positively gorgeous. To save weight, he dumped the exhaust out the passenger-side fender like a turbo drag car and it looks gnarly in the most fantastic way possible.

S2KI.com S2KI Honda S2000 K20 Swap K-swap turbo boosted Imola Time attack build

Those mods alone would have rendered Barbaro’s S2000 far more potent, but he wasn’t done there. Using some fine CAD (cardboard-aided design), he constructed some absolutely fantastic carbon-fiber aero pieces. The front splitter looks sufficiently ankle-slicing in its size while the multiple elements of it also force air through the front-mounted, angled radiator and intercooler housings.

All of that adds up to seven seconds on 116-second lap. That’s a huge bump and at Imola in 2017, he won the Pro Street 1 class and finished third overall at the event. That includes race cars running slicks while he runs semi-slick tires.

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