Washography: Dirty Video Gets Honda S2000 All Clean

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Youtuber Joanna Gonzalez drives a modified Honda S2000 and her car is all dirty. She whips out the pressure washer and suds it up.

Hot cars and hot girls go together like peanut butter and jelly. Even better is when those hot girls own and drive cool modified cars. Most of the time the hot girls are just paid to stand next to or pose with the cars. In the case with Joanna Gonzalez, she is a driver and a true Honda nut. Her beautiful Honda S2000 shares a garage with a yellow Integra Type R.

dirty s2000

Joanna’s white S2000 is far from stock. She is running Volk Racing TE37s in mag-blue and Falken Azenis tires. The S2000 also has a matching mag-blue, bolt-in, roll cage. Carbon fiber is a major theme throughout the car. The hood is a vented carbon fiber piece and she is running matching carbon canards on her front bumper. Her front lip, trunk lip, side mirrors, and large Voltex rear wing are also all in carbon. The combination of white, blue, and carbon fiber is beautiful. Although, she might want to replace her tan seats with blue ones to match the theme. Shout out to all you blue interior S2000 owners.

soapy voltex carbon wing

Joanna has a tastefully modified Honda S2000. She isn’t just a girl who drives, but she also wrenches. She has a few videos on the channel of her installing parts on the S2000. There are videos of her installing a set of coilovers and also upgrading her brake master cylinder.

rear s2000 joanna gonzalez

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In this video, she is using a set of car washing products from Turbo Wax. She gives her dirty S2000 a proper cleaning. Starting with a pressure washer and a foaming setup, she gives the car a soapy bubble bath. The video is not the instructional type. We just get to enjoy seeing her filthy S2000 get all clean. Let us know in the comments what you use to shine up your S2000.

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