Aggressively Stanced Widebody S2000

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Somewhere in Alaska this super clean and flush widebody S2000 is cruising around, but it definitely isn’t all show and no go.

The owner’s name is PJ Sorono, and this widebody S2000 is definitely built, not bought. This guy likes to work on his own stuff, including the engine. The head is stock, but the block, sleeves, rods and timing chain tensioner are from one of our forum sponsors, InlinePRO. There’s a turbo on top, and that’s a BorgWarner S362 FMW with a custom intercooler kit. To keep everything moving, the car has extensively modified fuel and exhaust systems. The owner claims a more than respectable 427 hp and 386 lb/ft of torque at 13 PSI.

Widebody s2000 with a Mugen hardtop.

To stop, he’s using Brembo calipers and NSX rotors. For traction, it’s on Federal 595 RSR tires wrapped around a set of Gram lights 57DR’s. The suspension is on a Megan Swift Track series coil-over damper kit.

To get the unique and aggressive look, there’s quite a list of bodywork. The front bumper is from Amuse, the splitter and side diffuser are by WASP, those are APR GT3 side mirrors and a J’s Racing type 2 wing on a 295mm stand. The flares are from Circuit Garage and that’s a Mugen Hardtop to keep him dry.

We like something different, and this is certainly different. A unique take on the S2000 to say the least. So sit back and enjoy some very nice cut-to-beat editing and see what you think.

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