This S2000 is Slammed with Big Camber

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This slammed S2000 is a love it or hate it kind of car, but either way it has had a lot of time, money and love put into it.

ShotsByLouie on YouTube has given us another slick video. This time it’s a slammed AP2 S2000 on air-ride suspension. Here in LA, that setting would be for static display only. You would be shopping for new wheels and fenders after a journey of a few blocks.

S2000 stance car.

Whatever the owner is aiming for, it isn’t performance. He’s living that stance life on a minimal contact patch. The stretched tires are allowing the fenders to literally sit between the tire bead and lip of the rim of his CCW Classics wheels. The lack of under-tray and wheel liners tell their own part of the story.

The Bride racing seats and halo-style roll cage are bread and butter cool in the stance scene right now. The sticker covering the damaged paint is to stance what zip ties holding on a bumper is to drifting. The DIY Home Depot garden edge skirts though, they’re not a home run.

That’s definitely a Top 1 splitter, but even our resident stance expert can’t identify the duckbill spoiler and diffuser. He suspects a Voltex imitation. He also thinks the diffuser looks like it’s half Spoon Sports and half Voltex.

Whether you love it or hate it, you’ll have to agree: Dat fitment tho.

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