400+ Horsepower Turbo S2000 Takes On the World

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A stock Honda S2000 is quick, but with 240 hp it isn’t fast. What happens when you add a turbo and go roll racing?

The Honda S2000 is designed to be a sports car. The lightweight chassis and high-revving inline-4 allow you to get the most out of it on a track. A large amount S2000 owners modify their cars to improve the handling and braking performance. The already high-strung F20-22C engines have limited N/A power gains without opening up the engine. So, if you’re looking for big power and torque, then forced induction is the answer. The F-series engine can handle a large amount of power, some say as much as 750 horsepower. The two camps for adding boost are supercharging and turbocharging.

turbo s2000

In this video, turbo_s2k has chosen to go the turbo route. This 2006 Honda S2000 has a Inline Pro Stage 2 turbo kit mounted to the F22C. Also, the S2000 is running a PTE 6262 ball-bearing turbo with ID1000 injectors and an Aeromotive 340 fuel pump. As with a lot of modern turbo cars, this S2000 is running on E85 fuel. The clean setup gives the S2000 a potent 407 wheel horsepower and 282 ft-lbs of torque. This kind of power makes for a very quick S2000, and in the video it is put to the test. So, this is the second series of roll races, which are held on a race track’s front straight away.

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The challengers of this E85-drinking, turbocharged Honda are a variety of sports cars, and even a Chrysler 300 SRT8. First up is a 2011-2012 Ford Mustang 5.0, which has 414 hp from the factory. Of course, it is also significantly heavier and as a result it loses the race. So, the biggest challenge for this turbo S2000, is a race with a supercharged C6 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, pushing 600+ horsepower. We won’t spoil the ending for you on that race. Check out this quick video and let us know what you think in the comments.

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