Turbo S2K With 750 Horsepower Takes On Higher-Power Monsters

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This turbo S2000 just can’t stop winning.

Ask someone’s opinion of roll racing and you will get some pretty strong opinions. Some may say it’s for cars (or people) who can’t pull off a good dig race, or that it’s a more fair race between cars with different amounts of driven wheels. Either way, if conditions are the same for both cars, a race is a race, right. Well that’s the appeal of roll racing because it’s an equalizer and focuses on acceleration, rather than traction.

Pocono Raceway and its extremely long front straightaway is a perfect venue for some roll racing, and that’s where we see this turbo S2000 lay down some awesome pulls, and humble more than a few high-dollar rides. Those rides included Procharged Corvettes, Nissan GT-R’s, Porsches, Mustangs, and Subarus. Pretty much anything that lined up against the Honda saw nothing but tail lights, and most races weren’t even a close match.

Running a single 6466 turbo, and putting down 750 horsepower, there’s literally only one other car that ends up faster in this video montage. A Supra was just too much for the S2000 to match, but that speaks volumes about this turbo build. However, trap speeds for the Honda easily pushed over 155, and it just makes us think a tiny bit about safety. If you have a car like this, perhaps a roll bar is a good investment.

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