S2000 Budget Stereo Upgrade: Add Bluetooth and Keep the OEM Radio Controls

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The OEM Honda S2000 stereo has no option for bluetooth, and who still uses CDs? This inexpensive upgrade may solve all your stereo problems.

The hidden stereo is one of the coolest features on the S2000. When the S2000 first came out, getting your stereo stolen was a big deal. Aftermarket stereo companies offered detachable faceplates and even GPS tracking to help deter thieves. Honda designed a cool cover that hid the stock stereo from would be thieves, which also added to the clean interior design. In order to have this function while the stereo was in use, they put remote controls on the left hand side of the dash. You can operate the volume, audio source, mute, or change pre-programs radio stations easily while driving. So, what happens when you decide to upgrade your stereo?

s2k stereo controls

Most aftermarket stereos do not offer an option to retain these factory controls. Luckily there is an aftermarket solution, several companies offer an adaptor to connect the OEM controls to almost any aftermarket stereo. So, now the controls will work, but what about adding bluetooth?


In this video, YouTuber ZentRose, walks us through the very reasonable stereo upgrade he has done to his S2000. Spending around $130 Zent was able to add a new head unit, door speakers, and retain the factory remote controls. He chose to use a JVC digital media receiver, which does not have a CD player. It only offers AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, and AUX audio sources. He purchased the complete setup through Crutchfield.

The simple head unit has the added advantage of being lighter weight as it does not have the CD player. As Zent points out, he can play music from his phone while using the USB outlet to charge his GoPro on the way to the track. The minor DIY upgrade also came with instructions and wiring harnesses, which made the install easy and fully reversible. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments

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