Building For 850 WHP and 9 Seconds in a S2000 Street Car: LostMarine

By - s2000 850whp LostMarine

When you pop a motor, do you give up and go home? No you rebuild for more power and make a faster S2000, like S2KI forum user LostMarine did.

When you drive a car hard and push it to the limit you break things. Sometimes it is minor parts like an injector or a wheel bearing, and other times you blow up the motor. The Honda F20/22C is very strong from the factory, but when used with boost, and lots of it, the motor can go bang. Forum user LostMarine had a similar instance happen with his S2000 recently. So, he chose to rebuild it big, and better than before, you know like the Million Dollar Man. We can rebuild him, bigger, stronger, faster; Or maybe that is just a Daft Punk song? Either way LostMarine is shooting for 850 wheel horsepower and aiming for a low/mid 9 second 1/4 mile time with a 150 mph trap in a reliable street car.

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The build is currently in process, but we have the details. He is starting with a InlinePro built 2.0 block and a Kings Performance KP1200 head. InlinePro has over 20 years in the import drag racing scene, so their built block is a good place to start. Now for the turbo toys, he is planning to run a Ramhorn T3 manifold and a PTE 6466 turbo. He is going to be running 40 psi and E85 fuel. To control all of this boosted goodness, you need an amazing brain. LostMarine will be using an AEM Infinity stand alone ECU. The AEM Infinity is an industry standard in ECUs, controlling everything from monster 2JZ swapped drift cars to 1000 horsepower Porsche 911 Turbos. s2000 850whp LostMarine cd009 swap

The S2000 will be tuned by Innovative Motorworks. In addition to all this power, he has done a custom 350Z CD009 6 speed transmission swap. The CD009 is known for its strength and durability, and being easily available on the cheap when they do let go. He documents the process for the swap in the thread. It does not look like an easy job, but with the right tools and patience, we are sure most of us could figure it out. Check out the build progress and let us know what you think in the comments.

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