Does Your S2000 Need Aero For the Track?

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Finding ways to improve your S2000 at the track is a ton of fun. See what a difference aero can make to the handling of the S2000.

Honda built the S2000 to be a pure sports car. The high revving F20/22 motor is clearly a performance engine. It was at one point, the highest horsepower per liter, naturally aspirated engine in the world. The F20/22 is also a very strong engine, with factory internals handling over 600 horsepower in turbo applications. It is tempting to want to make your S2000 faster by adding power. This will make your S2000 faster, but it will not improve your skills as a driver. We have all seen the guy, who drives his high horsepower car right into the trees. So, in order to improve your S2000, start with the nut behind the wheel, you. We find driving your S2000 on the track is the safest environment to learn to be a better driver. Honda S2000 S2K Battle Aero Wing Splitter Track Test

Once you start going to the track and get comfortable with the car, you are going to want to make it faster. Most people start with wheels and tires, maybe a set of coilovers. This track tuning rabbit hole can seem never ending. At some point you will consider adding some aerodynamics to the car. In stock-ish form the S2000 tends to oversteer at the limit. In an effort to add more grip to the rear, the obvious choice is to add a rear wing. So, the downforce should add more grip and allow you to carry more speed. Well, in theory this should work perfectly. The S2000 has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. So, the handling should be neutral with the added wing.


In this video, YouTube channel Zygrene shows the pros and cons of the aero effects on a S2000. His car, the yellow S2000, does not have any aero added. As you can see in the video, his car tends to oversteer on corner exit and under power at times. In contrast, the black S2000, which has a massive rear wing stays more planted. So, check out the video to see the side effects of the added grip in the rear. Let us know about your experience with aero on the S2000 in the comments.

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