What’s Up In the Forums: Fast and Good Looking S2000 Track build

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S2000 track build

This s2ki.com forum member has documented his street-legal S2000 track build for us, and he drives it fast while looking good.

User srproductions is a serial car buyer. However, he’s doing it right. His list of previous cars is a nice selection, to say the least. Most recently though, his search for a new track day car took him down a few different roads before he settled on the right car. After some buying and selling while making sure he didn’t lose any money, he finally reached the perfect car for his S2000 track build. The penultimate car before that was an Ap1 model, but when he found its limits it was time for a cage. Cages are expensive, so selling it to buy a car already caged made more financial sense.

An S2000 track build that's comfortable enough to drive to the track.

The AP2 he settled on was actually a salvage title documented as flood damaged in Arizona. Of course, flooding in Arizona is rare. It turned out the reality was that an aftermarket intake sucked water into the engine going through a deep puddle. Insurance had paid for an engine replacement and, after doing his due diligence, srproductions decided it was the right car for his project.

After some previous experience, srproductions decided that trailering his car around turned track days into a chore. That means the build is defined by having to be driven to the track. To that end, he’s kept enough carpet and comfort for a long run. He’s also made sure it has working A/C and a good stereo for those long distance drives to the track.

It’s definitely worth having a read through srproductions build thread on our forums. It’s a fast and fun track car done right, and with attention to detail exactly where it matters. We are also impressed by how good this car consistently looks despite driven hard regularly.

You can find the thread right here.

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