Honda S2000-Driving Chick Will Make You Cringe! (Video)

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While we appreciate her enthusiasm for spirited driving at the wheel of her Honda S2000, her technique is…well, just watch!

Let’s start by saying that we truly appreciate everyone in the Honda S2000 community, but every now and then we come across a video that makes us go, “huh?” This piece of onboard footage uploaded to Facebook is one of them.

The nearly minute-long video shows what appears to be a young girl piloting a Honda S2000 on a pretty sweet, curvy road. The on-board camera is able to capture the tachometer, speedometer, and most of the steering wheel, therefore relaying unto us exactly what she’s doing and how fast she’s doing it.

The footage kicks-off in pretty normal fashion, with an enjoyable exhaust note and a clear view of the road ahead of her. Unfortunately, only 12 seconds lapse before we get our first hint that there’s something “off” with this chick. As she approaches a rather lax corner, she downshifts hard with little to no hint of using the brakes to slow down. As a result, there’s a brief moment when you can hear the rear tires lock up, and even the camera wiggle for a moment.


The following corners reveal that a few other things are off, too, but none quite as dramatic as her shifting style and grip of the wheel. Although the way she grabs the shifter for those aggressive downshifts really perplexed us.

Honda S2000 connoisseurs who often participate in track day events or have taken some sort of driving lessons will most likely spot these issues and then some. After all, we’re not here to talk smack, but perhaps to highlight what could be improved. In this case, it’s almost everything!

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