Amateur Time Attack S2000 Runs Tsukuba Circuit

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Club level racing and time attack in Japan is no joke.

In the States, we’re used to a few different things that we can do with our cars on track. There’s the usual track day, and thankfully time attack. Time attack blurs the line between an open lapping track day and wheel-to-wheel racing, but is far less risky to damage a car since you’re only racing the clock. A flying start is used, rather than setting off from a stop which differs from other time battles such as touge style, hillclimb, or autocross. That said, the competition is tough and these drivers prepare their cars properly.

Safety equipment is the name of the game with this S2000, with a full roll cage along with electrical cut out among other safety equipment. Driver’s gear also takes safety into consideration with a full racing suit and gloves. In terms of car prep, there’s not much different from a full wheel-to-wheel racer. While that may be over prepped for the class, we don’t have a problem with anything that takes safety to heart.

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As for the lap, this driver did a 1:02.675, from a rolling start. Was it a good time? For what sounds like a naturally-aspirated S2000, knocking on the door of a sub-60 second lap is no joke. It looked like it, too. However, AP1 S2000’s seemed to be popular in the NA 1 Class where this driver was competing.

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