Forum Member JDM_98R’s Widebody S2000 Build Fufills Our Dreams

By - JDM_98R widebody Honda S2000 turbo S2K build thread

This car is hotter than spontaneous sex in the summer, and we can’t wait to see more.

If you were to ask us to lay out my dream S2K build, it would be a machine of speed and madness. We’d go massive turbo for power, wide body, 12-inch wide wheels, super sticky rubber, a hard top, and of course, massive aero. Then we stumbled on JDM_98R’s build thread and thought “this dude can read our every thought.”

This is his third S2K in a year’s time, but after bouncing around cars and ideas, he has settled on building an epic track monster. The build is still a work in progress, and the build log itself doesn’t have a lot of information written out, but we can certainly learn a lot from the massive pile of photos.

Let’s start with some of the juiciest details. He’s rolling on Volk ZE40s that 18×10 up front and massive 18×12 out back. Tire of choice is the Toyo R888. Tucked behind those sexy wheels you’ll find a Stoptech brake kit with slotted rotors in the front and a Racing Brake big brake kit in the rear, also using Stoptech slotted rotors. Suspension choice is currently Tein SRC, but that might change in the future.

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The problem with wheels and brakes this capable, and massive, is that they don’t really fit under a stock S2K body. Easily fixed with the Widebody Aero kit from J’s Racing. And once you have such a killer looking widebody, you might as well continue with the visual enhancements. In comes a J’s Racing vented hood, in carbon fiber no less. And then our favorite body modification, the sexy fastback hard top from Spoon.

And somehow, we are only around halfway done listing the changes and modifications. There is the turbo kit, the Inline Pro R200 rear diff kit, the overkill radiator and intercooler setup, and the frame-mounted rear wing big enough for a space shuttle.

JDM_98R has been at work on this thing for months, and it’s still months away from being finished, but if you wanted to see just how far you can push an S2K, head over to the forum and check out the whole build. You’ll be happy you did.

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