Bust Out Of The Boring and Go Drive Your S2000

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As we know life is fleeting, so you should never own a boring car. The Honda S2000 is a reason to get up and go for a drive.

The Honda S2000 really brings out the love driving. When you get in the drivers seat, everything is better, at least, usually. The colors seem brighter, the sounds more crisp and your heart beats more lively when you are driving a car with passion. The S2000 is a car that has the ability to take an otherwise boring life and provide mini vacations from the 9-to-5 daily grind. The badge doesn’t matter, but the feeling behind the wheel brings you to your drivers euphoria.

Milk Run S2000

The release of not having to think about the billions of mundane and unexciting life tasks is the goal of every drive. For those moments behind the wheel all you have to think about is you, the gas pedal, the clutch,  the steering wheel and brakes. In a S2000, everything makes sense and you are truly in control. Your decisions give you an immediate gratifying response. For example, a hard day at work can be resolved by a satisfying burnout, twisty road or a juicy launch on the on-ramp. However you choose to get your driving jollies, that’s completely in your control. More time of life than not we spend not in control and not owning our time.

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So, owning a car you love ensures you have the keys to driver euphoria anytime you need it. In this video, YouTube channel Hartnett Media shows us how a man turns a mundane night into a joyful release. Yes with the S2000, a “Milk Run” can save you thousands in therapy or medication. We here at S2ki support all means of obtaining drivers euphoria. Let us hear in the comments below how your S2000 helps you find that special feeling.

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