Is the Honda S2000 A Good Car To Learn To Drive A Manual?

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Driving an S2000 is a blast, but is it a good car to learn how to drive a manual transmission? Watch this to find out.

The Honda S2000 may not seem like a good car to learn to drive in. It is low, rear-wheel drive, and at times it can be a bit twitchy. We feel that all is utter nonsense. The S2000 is an ideal car to learn manual on. It is lightweight, at only 2,800 pounds, and has tight 6-speed gearbox. The clutch isn’t too heavy for beginners and has a good engagement spot. Overall the little S2K is going to be supportive to the teaching process, at least in stock form that is.

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Modifications add complexities to a new driver experience and may make things a bit more difficult behind the wheel. How many of you trust and love someone enough to teach them stick in your pride and joy? YouTuber Illiminate takes brotherly love to another level when he entrusts his little brother with his baby. Am S2000 that is slammed to ground with just 2-inches of ground clearance. This clearly would not be the first choice for a student vehicle, in regards to scraping the rims or front bumper.

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Randy starts off by kindly sharing the importance of the G-spot. Wait, this is a different kind of conversation. He actually explains that this time, the G-spot is the point of contact for the clutch and demonstrates the car will propel forward. He then throws his newly-licensed kid brother in the drivers seat for a spin around the neighborhood. We love seeing the next generation of manual drivers and think Randy is a pretty patient big brother. So, watch the video and let us know what you think of teaching stick in a slammed S2K in the comments?

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